How the US Corps produce the highest level of accuracy and repeatability for tensile testing procedures?

The success of the US Corps is largely ensured by the balance between the quality of the products and their production costs. Taking into account the strict requirements for the reliability in the military sphere, special attention is paid to the selection of functional materials for various applications, their improvement, and the creation of new materials with specified properties. Also, you can prefer Clock Oscillators which is one of the best equipment for the electric circuit.

The choice of material is typically based on the sequential implementation of the following steps:

  • defining the design of the component or component connection to be created;
  • establishing material selection criteria;
  • selection of a number of possible materials with known properties;
  • experimental testing of candidate materials;
  • final determination of the optimal material.

Testing of materials includes the study of their mechanical properties, the most common of which is tensile testing.

What is Tensile Sample Testing and the benefits of this process?

The mechanical properties of a material, such as tensile strength, are key factor to its selection for structural elements. They are determined by mechanical testing, namely tensile testing. As a result, the tensile strength, maximum cross-sectional contraction, maximum elongation and other material properties are determined.

During tensile testing, standard specimens, round or rectangular in cross-section, are gradually stretched by an axial force until they break. During tensile testing, changes in the geometry of the specimen under the influence of the applied force are recorded. Special tensile testing machines are used for these tests. Modern machines produce deformation diagrams, which are used to evaluate mechanical properties when selecting materials for structures and mechanisms. The reliability of these products directly depends on the accuracy of such studies.

The result of a tensile test depends not only on the material properties but also on the shape of the tensile test specimen, so such shapes are standardized. All tensile specimens are dumbbell-shaped and can be flat (rectangular in cross-section) or round. Specimen sizes vary in length and in cross-sectional area size. They are regulated by generally accepted standards to ensure reproducibility of tensile test results. The wider ends of the specimens are fixed in the grips of the tensile sample testing machine, tensile stretching occurs along the axis of the specimen, and it fractures in the thin part. That is, the accuracy and reliability of the manufacturing process of such specimens is perhaps the most important factor in obtaining reliable test results. It is also worth paying attention to the homogeneity of the specimen material and the absence of scratches or damage on the surface of the tensile specimen.

The use of programmable milling and turning machines for the manufacture of flat and round tensile specimens, respectively, allows for the reproduction of standard dimensions with micrometer accuracy, and therefore ensures reproducibility and reliability of test results. Such a machine should be available at any industrial enterprise or in a control laboratory where the mechanical properties of materials are studied. This will ensure that the sample is not damaged during transportation. Its operation will guarantee the safety of tensile samples from possible surface damage during transportation. In this case, the tensile testing equipment from TensileMill CNC Inc. is ideal. It is specially designed so that it can be operated by a technician or engineer of any skill level, ensuring reliable tensile test results.

Why choose TensileMill CNC Inc.

Two lines of equipment have been created to create flat and round specimens for tensile tests: Round Specimen Preparation lathes and Flat Specimen Preparation milling machines. With them it is possible to process materials with different levels of resistance to stress, different initial shapes, and work with samples of various sizes. The use of modern equipment from the supplier TensileMill CNC Inc. ensures the accuracy of reproduction of specimen shapes, and therefore the reliability of tensile test results.

What is the advantage of a tensile test machine from TensileMill CNC Inc.?

First, it can be operated even by people who have not experienced the use of such machines obtaining results that meet the highest standards for the testing samples. The interface of tensile testing programs is intuitive and user-friendly. And the company’s many years of experience guarantees reliable operation and timely service of the supplied equipment, routine repairs, provision of spread parts and software updates.

Secondly, the process is set up automatically. The number of unsuccessful samples becomes less, because the dimensions can be easily processed according to new settings. With the TensileTurn CNC lathe, samples are cut with high precision. And workers can customize their samples to the exact specifications and set of standards they normally work to, and immediately cancel and restart the process if necessary.

Thirdly, there is no need to send samples out for processing and wait for them to be returned. This saves on operating time and costs.

Benefits for the US Corps

The military industry does not forgive mistakes. The equipment used there must be of excellent quality, and any malfunction of its parts can be critical and lead to injuries and fatalities. The production of military equipment requires strict adherence to quality and regulatory requirements of both the legislation of the country of manufacture and international law. Therefore, testing of products in this industry must be particularly meticulous.

Thus, tensile testing will help the manufacturer to determine which material is best used for a particular application and what type of processing will further increase the strength of this material.

For example, in the military development industry, whether it is creating protective plates for body armor, armor for combat vehicles, or transparent armor for aircraft windows, the reliability of products is ensured by a reasonable choice of materials with precisely defined mechanical properties. In addition, in the military, the composition of materials can be a state secret, so the fewer third-party contractors involved in creating tensile test specimens in this case, the better.

The ways to achieve highest accuracy and repeatability when performing tensile test procedure

In preparation for production, tensile testing will help to evaluate the current system by conducting a fault analysis. The tensile tests help you understand when defective products are produced or when mechanical problems occur and to create reliable and safe military equipment. Therefore, you can be sure that any military equipment will not fail during use.

You can purchase the TensileMill CNC Inc. metal testing equipment you need on favorable terms and enjoy the highest quality of our products.

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