How the Covid 19 pandemic accelerated the need to shift to Cloud

Covid has taken the world by storm and it has great effect on the performance of various companies in various sectors. Mostly IT companies have to go for work from home as their millions of employees globally were busy working from their home. This has lead to exposure of high risk of breaching of data as their server being accessed by millions of employees. So, mostly all companies decided to shift their database to Cloud so that it remains protected.

The same is true for online casino companies. Earlier people used to go to land based casinos for gambling and playing casino games. With the advent of the Internet, people started playing casino games and gambling from the comfort of their home through their Personal computers. To keep up with the trend, many land based casinos also opened up their website so that their members can play casino from their home. After all, nobody is willing to lose customers to other casinos. The online casinos started becoming more popular with the advent of the Smartphone. Since nowadays Smartphone can be found in the hand of every person, people enjoy gambling with the phone in their hand.

Many online casinos have come up in the market and not all of them are genuine. Many of them are dishonest and dupe away with the customers money. So being an online casino player, you have to be very careful in choosing the right online casino where you can safely play online betting games. If you play with a safe casino, your money is also secured and you can also get good tips from them.

The same problem is identified in case of big online casinos where their servers are accessed by their thousands of gamers. During the Covid 19 period, most of the countries went for a lockdown and people were forced to stay at home. During that time, the business volume of online casinos increased to a great extent and hence the load on their server increased to a great extent. The chances of getting the server hacked also increased and hence the casinos acted accordingly so that their server remains protected. The easiest solution to this problem was shifting the server to Cloud where all the data remains protected as we all know the data on the Cloud server always remain protected forever.

As work from home is becoming the new order of the workplace, many of the IT departments are feeling the reality that it is very much necessary to migrate their data in the server to multi cloud architecture after the attack of this Corona virus. Many technical experts are of the view that more than 90% of the enterprises of the world will have to rely on a mixture of dedicated or on-premises private clouds and also multiple public clouds with legacy platforms to meet their various needs of the infrastructure. There is also an increasing desire being seen among the companies to shift to cloud to minimize the future disruptions by becoming more agile, flexible and resilient. All these are going to make the year 2021 as the year of the multi-cloud.

It can be seen that the Covid situation made the enterprises felt the need for shifting to cloud and adopt it in their system for better safety and security. The most common term which we can hear in this context is resilience. With the chance of attack on the data stored in the server being multiplied by many times as thousands of employees are having access to the system, IT companies who have already shifted to the Cloud environment can protect and manage their system better. The organizations which have not yet migrated to Cloud may face severe challenges.

Cloud technology experts are of the opinion that 2021 is going to become a turning point for them. Many organizations are expressing their opinion by saying cloud everywhere. A major part of that conversation is being centred round making broad cloud strategies as that will assure more resiliency and flexibility in the future. Though it is a matter of fact that migrating the applications from on-premises architecture to multiple private cloud platforms is not so easy. It takes money and time, both and in many cases, smaller organizations find the process difficult to handle because of this. But even the smaller companies are finding a reason to make this investment.

It is because of these difficulties that many companies are wrapping up their multi-cloud efforts under the large banner of bigger digital transformation efforts. On the one hand, the Covid situation has made the companies realize the importance of Cloud technology. But on the other hand, it is because of this Covid that most of the efforts have been stalled or have been made retargeted only because of this huge pandemic. Once the world comes out of this pandemic, it is expected that the move for better Cloud shifting is going to get momentum in the coming days.

Volterra, which is a start-up focussing on distributed cloud services, find in a market survey that around 97% are planning to distribute the workload across multi cloud systems. But most companies struggle to support and secure it as everybody wants their data to be secured in a safe place. A huge number of IT companies are already on the move to shift to cloud and make their data secure.

Experts say that we are planning to enter the Novel economy, where there are three stages – staying alive and after that vying to stay alive and at the last stage, it is aspiring to thrive. Due to the pandemic, most businesses are now in a mode of trying to save alive. Once most of the companies are able to come out of this mode, the investments in multi-cloud and cloud is going to increase. Many companies are trying to make a balance between on-premises deployments and Cloud. They have adopted this path because of the shortage of funds from which they are suffering.

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