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How Often Should You Take CBD?

CBD has become quite popular in recent years and with that, the varieties of products have also come up. A study says American people have spent a whopping $360 on Cannabis products in the year 2017. People are crazy about it cause of its plethora of health benefits and also it does not intoxicate you.

But, not much scientific research is there in this area, and many things are confusing for beginners. It is available in so many forms starting from oils and tinctures to creams and gummies- the dosage varies on the form of the product. We have answered here some questions which might help you start your CBD journey.

Health benefits

Though the health benefits are not yet scientifically proven many people have found relief with the Green Roads CBD. It is one of the most active compounds of the Cannabis plant which reacts with your body to relieve your body of certain ailments. Moreover, the compound is nonpsychoactive that means no matter how much you ingest it, you won’t be intoxicated.

People have found relief with CBD in stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even pain and inflammation. The ones suffering from epilepsy experience seizures, which can be treated with CBD. Also, it is effective in heart diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Although it takes time to figure out the correct dose, it will only show effect with the correct dosage. Discover the health benefits of CBD at The CBD Store.

What should be the right amount for you?

Some factors are considered while deciding the right dosage for anyone. Components like your body weight, your current health condition, or the problem for which you’re consuming CBD. Furthermore, your sole body chemistry and the potent of the oils or tinctures, or gummies you are consuming are considered. But it will be better if you contact your doctor before starting CBD especially if you are under medication.

The risks and the long-term effects are not quite well known, so consume the amount your doctor suggests. If you are self-medicating make sure to try out with a smaller dosage and then build on it.

Calculate dosage

You can start with20-40 mg a day if you’re taking from oils or tinctures. And then build it up by adding 5mg every week until you get your desired dosage. But if you’re taking pills, capsules, or gummies, the amount in each serving is fixed, which is mostly 5mg. If you are buying oils, brands usually mention in the package the amount of CBD content per drop.

Calculate that to decide how many drops you want to have. But some brands also mention the whole CBD potent of the bottle rather than the drop, calculating from that is a bit tedious.

How long does CBD stay in the system?

As per studies human bodies generally flush out CBD from the body within a week but at times it’s different for different people. The more frequent and high your dosages are, the longer they will stay in your system. The scientific reason is that CBD is lipophilic, which means it gets dissolved in the fats & compounds of your body.

This effect of the drug helps in the alleviation of stress, anxiety, and pain and also provides health benefits. So, if you decide to stop using this drug, it will take almost a week to subside the effect. And also to observe the effect of it on your body you must consider it using for a week.

CBD overdose

A 2011 study shows that humans can tolerate and function well in dosages as high as 1500mg per day. A 2017 study though proved similar results, a 2019 study on mice pointed towards liver hazard and interference with other medications. If you are under medication, consult your doctor before intaking CBD, as there can be a few side effects.

Very few people experience diarrhea, fatigue as well as a reduction in appetite with weight fluctuations. If you’re looking to buy it online, buy from a trustworthy, well-known brand with good customer reviews. If offline, don’t buy from shady gas stations or convenience stores, better to buy from dispensaries.

Talk to your doctor and confirm the dosage before taking it. If it is legal in your state the doctor might suggest some brands and products to you.

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