How Often Should I Have My Compressor Serviced?

The functionality of an air compressor, like other machines, depends on its condition. Servicing the air compressor on time can help avoid downtime and a drop in productivity levels. The rotary screw air compressor aids with the functioning of most high-powered tools in industries. You should keep it in the best condition to avoid falling behind schedule on industrial operations.

An air compressor requires frequent servicing, but that depends on its use. Compressors with more usability require more servicing to prevent them from breaking down. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid costly repair bills.

Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance Tips

Maintenance ensures the air compressor operates at full capacity, whether its use is for heavy or light duty production. Preventative maintenance eliminates any performance issues before they escalate, ensuring proper functionality.

To hack the preventative maintenance for the air compressor, here are some tips that you can consider.

Read User Manual

Machine operations can be quite challenging, so you should constantly refer to the user manual. Manufacturers include standard pointers for preventative maintenance in the user manual.

Functionality problems often result from connections that can be hard to locate for a novice. Trying to fix items in the air compressor without prior knowledge might cause further damage. You should first resort to the user manual to find possible remedies for the problem you are experiencing.

Nut and Bolt Tightening

After months of daily compressor use, some nuts will likely come loose. Nuts and bolts on the air compressor loosen due to constant vibration, and if left in this state, the machine may fall apart.

Loose nuts and screws should not be a major cause of concern, but you should get to work immediately. Tightening the loose nuts and bolts is easy and can help prevent the air compressor from falling apart.

Constant Inspection

A common area people often ignore is the need to inspect the air compressor. Checks on any machine exposed areas of vulnerability that need immediate fixes.

Ensure you conduct a complete inspection of the air compressor to identify areas that need immediate attention. Check for things like worn hoses and dirty air filters. You should replace worn or damaged parts immediately to regain air compressor efficiency.

Changing Air Filters

There is so much microscopic dirt in the air, so the compressor’s air filter will likely have built up some grime throughout its daily use. Dirt and grime on the air filter create a drag on the air compressor, affecting its overall functionality.

The best solution is to change the air filter often. An air filter change is easy and can improve the air compressor’s output for better quality end-point operations.

Draining Condensate

A normal byproduct of the air compression process is condensate, formed from the accumulated air inside the machine. Air compressors generally have moisture tanks that store the moisture, ensuring the dry air remains pure before reaching the endpoint.

Condensate buildup can sometimes affect the air conditioner’s moisture retention ability. As a result, the compressor often passes moisturized air, which can cause water damage to the endpoint.

The best fix for such an issue is to drain the condensate before the tank fills up. Constantly draining the tank ensures it does not fill up or send impurities into the compressed air.

Consider Professional Servicing for the Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Air compressor maintenance will require expert assistance. Professional servicing of the rotary screw air compressor prevents costly mistakes during the maintenance and repair process. Once maintenance is complete, you can also enjoy better efficiency from the air compressor. Contact a company that provides such compressors for more information.

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