How Much Time Do People Spend in VR Daily?

According to Now that virtual reality has officially become the Next Big Thing, it seems like everyone and their mother is getting in on the action. However, because this technology is still relatively new, many people are getting used to strapping on a headset and being transported to another world. 

While there’s obviously plenty of demand out there for high-quality VR content (i.e., VR porn), we wondered – how much time do people spend on average? Also, what are the barriers for individuals that keep them from spending even more time on their headsets than they already do? 

Here’s what we discovered. 

Breaking Down the Numbers

When looking at the average amount of time spent on VR headsets across the board, it’s far less than you might expect. Considering that VR is mostly used for adult entertainment and gaming, one would think that the average would be around one hour. 

However, new VR users only spend about 16 minutes inside a headset. Those who have used VR technology spend a little more time, but the average is still around 20 minutes. 

Now, if you ask VR users in a straw poll, the answers are a bit different. According to a recent survey of Reddit users, the majority of people spend between one and three hours inside a VR headset per week. The number of people spending less than an hour, one to two hours, and three to five hours a week were pretty close. However, if you look that those who spend up to 10 hours a week in VR, that number is actually larger than any other individual grouping. 

So, it seems that either people love spending time in virtual reality or they couldn’t care less. Oddly enough, with the Reddit poll, the smallest user base was those who were in VR between five and seven hours per week. For whatever reason, that time frame is less accommodating than any other. 

Why Aren’t People Spending More Time in VR? 

First of all, many VR headset manufacturers tell users to take breaks regularly. This advice is not unwarranted, as nausea is an issue experienced may many people, especially those new to the technology. 

As a rule, manufacturers recommend taking a 10 to 15-minute break after about 30 minutes inside a headset. While this rule is not set in stone, it’s a good baseline for many people. That said, if you’re spending half your time on “breaks,” it’s harder to get immersed in a virtual environment, and it may seem easier to do something else instead. 

Overall, there are other reasons why VR usage is relatively light, such as: 

  • Lack of Compelling Content – Despite Facebook’s move to the metaverse, there’s not really a whole lot to do in VR. So, for many new users, the novelty of the experience wears off pretty fast. While more games and experiences are coming to different headsets every month, these listings are still relatively sparse. 
  • Lack of Technology Adaptation – Wearing a VR headset is not the same as playing a regular videogame or watching a video online. People are used to existing in the real world, so VR can seem daunting. Plus, wearing the headset and using nunchucks can feel weird and unnatural to a lot of people. Although using VR more often alleviates this problem, users must feel compelled to go through the learning curve first. 
  • Lack of Time – Setting up a VR headset is a bit more complicated than choosing a movie on a porn site like SexLikeReal or a movie on a streaming service. Not only do you have to get the headset ready, but you also have to make room to move around. Most people can’t have a dedicated space for VR, so it takes a lot longer to start a new session. 

Overall, we believe that the average time spent will slowly increase as the technology becomes more mainstream. However, we’re likely a long way off before VR becomes an integral part of everyday life. 

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