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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but sometimes they pose issues in everyday life such as deep roots disturbing underground plumbing, and old trees that could fall onto civilization. Today we’re going to look at how much tree removal costs, what types of trees can be removed, and any other factors to take into consideration. Read on to find out “How much does tree removal cost?”.

Price of Tree Removal

An essential part of tree removal is the cutting down of the tree into manageable pieces. The quoted price will be based on the degree of difficulty in removing the tree, taking into account the following factors:

  • The height and circumference of a tree.
  • The tree’s state of health
  • The tree’s location
  • What type of tree

Typically, tree removal can cost anything between $350 and $10,000+ per tree. Here are some more detailed descriptions on what you can expect to pay for tree removal:

$250–$950 for a small tree 5 to 6m in height

$650–$1500 for a medium tree 6 to 9m in height

$1000–$3500 for a large tree 9 to 20m in height

$2500–$10,000 for extra large trees 20 to 50m tall

Larger trees will be discussed by case with your tree removal specialist because factors like location, safety, stump removal and storm damage can all come into consideration.

Types of Trees That Can Be Removed

Many state and local governments see trees as a vital part of their natural environment and cultural heritage. As a result, laws have been put in place to prevent their destruction. Penalties for illegal tree cutting can be financially devastating.

Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), Chinese nettle (Celtis sinensis), American nettle (Celtis occidentalis), coral tree (Erythrina x sykesii) and liquidambar (Liquidambar styraciflua) are all tree species which may be cut down or pruned without getting a permit from the City.

Factors Affecting Costs

Stump removal isn’t included in tree removal prices. Homeowners often assume this is included and are left with the stump. Stumps can spread, sprout new branches, and attract termites. Include stump removal in your tree-cutting service for the fastest and safest removal.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding from tree services can be used as garden mulch. Mulching improves soil health, saves water, and neutralises weeds.

Garden Maintenance

It’s becoming more common to have all of the tree trimmings removed and your property left spotless, but you should double-check to make sure you won’t be stuck with the clean-up.

Log Splitting

This service will provide firewood if you have a fireplace.

Choosing an Arborist

There is no such thing as an amateur tree feller. Only skilled arborists are equipped to perform tree removal safely and without causing damage to your property, as they are familiar with all applicable state and local laws. The price of tree removal in Sydney varies not only from arborist to arborist, but also from job to job.

As you can see, tree removal takes a lot of planning and a specialist to undertake. Attempting a job like this yourself could be dangerous to yourself and others, so leave it to the professionals!

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