How Much Does HealthTap Cost?

If you’re interested in using HealthTap for medical advice, you may have questions about how much it costs. Read on to learn about its two subscription plans, how much you can expect to pay for a consultation, and more.

HealthTap lets you consult with Online doctor by video or text, using its app for iOS and Android devices. It also has a question-and-answer service that allows users to post anonymous queries, which doctors then answer for free.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan costs $15 a month and includes access to virtual Primary Care doctor visits. It also offers Urgent Care services, including $39 video appointments and $59 urgent care visits.

HealthTap also has a network of more than 90,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors who are vetted by HealthTap’s team.

For each consultation, patients pay one flat charge or subscribe to the Prime plan for unlimited visits at a discounted rate.

In addition to delivering quality primary care through video visits, HealthTap doctors can write prescriptions and order lab tests. They can also refer patients to specialists when needed and help with preventative care.

Prime Plan

HealthTap’s Prime Plan, which costs $99 per month plus $10 for each family member, allows users to engage in video consultations with real doctors. That’s a huge leap from the startup’s previous product, which focused on question-and-answer services with experts.

Gutman says that tele-health, which lets patients consult physicians via digital devices, is a growing business. Research firm IHS forecasts that it will generate revenues of $1.9 billion in 2018.

While telemedicine makes sense for people who don’t need to see a doctor very often, Gutman says it could also be a useful tool for those with insurance plans that cover tele-visits. It’s also worth noting that HealthTap’s Prime Plan doesn’t include personal one-to-one consults with doctors, so patients must pay out-of-pocket for these visits.

One-to-One Consults

HealthTap offers one-to-one consultations with doctors via video chat. These sessions can be accessed from any device and can be canceled at any time.

Users can also submit anonymous questions to HealthTap doctors and receive a free response within 24 hours. These are not a substitute for a doctor’s visit, but they can be helpful for patients who lack the ability or financial means to see a physician.

The company also offers Live Group Consults that enable multiple participants to join a video/text/voice chat from anywhere on any mobile device or personal computer. This is a unique service that removes language barriers and dramatically expands access to high quality immediate care worldwide.


If you are in need of medication, you can speak with a doctor on HealthTap. However, you should note that these doctors cannot write prescriptions for regulated substances, like narcotics and other controlled medications, psychiatric meds, or illegal pharmaceuticals.

HealthTap provides a network of over 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties. These physicians have gone through a rigorous verification process to ensure they can provide quality care.

With their platform, consumers can get access to a long-term primary care doctor who helps them with ongoing health concerns and preventive visits. Members pay $15 a month for services such as free texting with their doctor, $39 video appointments and $59 urgent care visits.

Question Submission

When you ask a question on HealthTap, you can expect a response within 24 hours. That’s much faster than it would take a physician to answer it on the phone or through email.

Doctors who want to be on the network must have US licenses and be in good standing with their states’ licensing boards. The site also does a thorough onboarding process to make sure doctors don’t have any legal issues that would disqualify them.

Using the app, you can send any question to a doctor, have them respond, and then upload pictures or other medical documents. These are all private conversations, but they cost $9.99 per transaction.

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