How MIUI ROM is better is Stock Android

As an in-your-face Stock Android fan, I used to detest Custom ROMS like Xioami’s MIUI, yet in recent months, I’ve changed my assessment. The matter is starting in 2021. The MIUI is comparable to Stock Android, if worse. One of the features that MIUI has and which is not present in stock android is checking the battery health. So if you want to find out How to check battery health in Xiaomi Android MIUI 11,12 phones, you can check the link.

I’ve to utilize Stock Android on Moto E/G, Nexus 5/6, and Pixel. Furthermore, I’m using Xiaomi Note 10 pro max for recent months, which runs on Xiaomi’s custom ROM, also known as MIUI. Thus, in this article, I’ll think about the highlights of Stock Android versus MIUI. We should start.

Where MIUI is superior to Stock Android

  1. Themes

MIUI, then again, has a committed subject store where you can get skins for Samsung, iPhone and Pixel and so forth without changing your launcher. What’s more, it isn’t easy to convey the look and feel, yet additionally the ringtones and textual styles. However, the most astonishing aspect of the topic would be interlinking customization. All aspects of the subject can be blended and coordinated from a few Themes. For instance, I can pick the lock style of note10 pro max and keep the status bar for the Pixel. It’s good times.

  1. Double Apps

You can install mod apk and games on android. This makes android more fun. I’ve two Audible records with various book recordings assortment, and I like to pay attention to every one of them without physically logging out of records without fail. On MIUI, you can track down a Dual Apps alternative under Settings, which allows you to run two variant of any applications. Furthermore, it’s difficult for Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung additionally have a local double mode, so it’s no time like the present that Stock Android ought to have it as well.

  1. Call Recording

One of my favourites includes on MIUI would be local call recording. The sound quality is very acceptable, contrasted with outsider call recorder applications. Even though it would have been wonderful if there was an alternative to consequently record all bring in MIUI without squeezing a catch each time.

Another ignored element of Xiaomi is Wi-Fi password word sharing. Say a companion came over and request your home’s Wi-Fi. On the off chance that you have a telephone running Stock Android, you either reveal the password phrase (could be dangerous) or type it yourself into their telephone (which is exhausting).

  1. QR Code Apps To Share Wi-Fi Password From One Phone to Another

On a Xiaomi gadget, you and just tap on the Wi-Fi name, and it’ll create a QR code. Essentially request that your companion check it with their gadget camera application, and they are associated. Most gadgets these days have a QR code scanner worked in the gadget’s camera, including iPhones. Even iPhone allows you to share a Wi-Fi password key over the air. It’s no time like the present that stock Android ought to have it as well.

  1. Scrolling screen capture support

If I need to send a WhatsApp discussion or Instagram feed, utilize the three-finger swipe and tap on scroll choice to produce a long screen capture. Indeed, on the off chance that you are sending it over WhatsApp, you need to send it’s anything but a document rather than a picture, or it’ll pack the hellfire out of it. However, that is not the point. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see looking over screen capture highlight on stock Android.

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