How Master Key Matters for Home

A master key gives you access to more than one lock within your home. In other words, it is a key that gives you access to multiple locks within a master key system. A master key eliminates the need to manage and keep track of a large number of keys. At Top Phoenix Locksmith, we are experts in designing master key systems that suit our clients’ needs.

In this article, we will explain how a master key works and the advantages of having a master key system in your home.

How Does a Master Key System Work?

In order to understand how a master key system works, let’s look at how standard locks work. A standard cylindrical lock has two sets of pins—key pins that sit at the lower part of the lock and drivers pins located above the key pins. When you insert the right key, the pins will rise, causing them to align, thus opening the lock.

What’s different about a master key is that it has a third pin known as a master pin, which allows two different key cuts to fit into the same lock. If you have a standard cylindrical lock, a locksmith in Avondale can transform it into a master key system.

What Are the Benefits of a Master Key System for Your Home?

1. Convenience

With a master key system, you can use your master key to access multiple locks in your home. You don’t need to use a specific key for each door or keep track of a large number of keys. Master keys eliminate the need to track and maintain a bulky set of keys. It’s like a universal remote that gives you access to multiple doors in your home without much hassle. When it comes to security, a master key system comes in handy as it allows you to quickly access many rooms using the same key in the event of a time-sensitive emergency.

2. Cost

A master key system is quick to install and is a cost-effective option when compared to installing a whole new electronic access system.

3. Customization

Furthermore, a master key system can be customized to suit individual needs. You can have a skilled locksmith in Tempe customize a master key for yourself and sub-master keys for your family members and any other occupants in your home. When combined with a high-security lock, no one can duplicate your master key without your permission.

Ready to Switch to A Master Key System? Contact Top Phoenix Locksmith

If you’re looking for an experienced locksmith in Avondale to help you customize a master key system for your home, reach out to Top Phoenix Locksmith for reliable and affordable services. Our knowledgeable and experienced Locksmith in Tempe have the skills and advanced tools to install master key systems in homes, offices, businesses, and other properties. We are always updated on the latest technologies and developments in the industry, and this enables our locksmiths to provide dependable solutions. Top Phoenix Locksmith is a full-service locksmith company that provides a full array of residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services at competitive prices.

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