How Long Does it Take to Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns & bridgework in Medford is a general procedure that takes little time. When you have a large cavity and filling will not suffice, you should go for a dental crown. You will also require a crown when your teeth are cracked, weakened, or severely worn down. 

Duration To Get A Dental Crown 

Generally, two dental appointments are sufficient enough for getting a dental crown. It is a fast and simple method where the crown gets ready in 2 days to 2 weeks. Some clinics prepare your crown within a day by using software programs on the computer. Even after a dental implant, crowns are necessary for protecting severely damaged teeth. 

  • Visits to Dentists- The first visit includes measuring and understanding the shape of your teeth. The second visit is to get your crown ready. The interval between the first and second visits generally comes between 2 days to 2 weeks.
  • The First visit- During the first visit, your dentist will remove the damaged portions from your teeth. But when the remaining teeth are not fit enough, some filling is required to create a healthy support to hold the crown properly. If the remaining healthy amount is strong enough to control the crown, then no other procedure is required on the first visit. Dentists perform root canal treatment a few months before the first visit to save the structure of the teeth. They may also examine the patient’s gum tissue to find out whether they are allergic.
  • Second Visit- The duration for setting up the dental crowns in Medford ranges from 2 days to 2 weeks. As soon as your crown is ready, you will get a call from the clinic or the hospital for a visit. If you already have any temporary crown, it would be removed first. Then the dentist will place the permanent crown, and when required, drills are used to fix the crown with the right shape and size in your teeth. The duration of the second visit will be around 30 minutes.

Procedure Of Dental Crown

The procedure will vary whether your dentist is going for the same day or the multi-day process.

  • Multi-Day Procedure With Temporary Crown- The dentist will examine the damaged tooth. The process will include X-rays of your teeth. They will make molds off your mouth or tooth. They will remove the damaged portion and the outer layer of the tooth. Then an impression will be made for your trimmed tooth and other surrounding teeth. Your dentist will help you put on a temporary crown and send the images to the laboratory to prepare your crown. When the crown gets ready by your second visit, they will cement them inside your mouth.
  • Same-day Procedure- Temporary crowns are unnecessary when undergoing the same-day procedure. The dentist will take digital pictures of your mouth. With the help of the photographs, the crown is made. You will require 1-2 hours before the crown gets ready. After it gets prepared, your dentist will cement the crown into the proper position of your mouth. The whole procedure will take around 4 hours.

Dental Crown Care 

The Medford dentists suggest some post-dental care after the crown fixation.

  • Careful Brushing- You should start brushing your teeth twice daily if you have already practiced this habit. Use sensitive toothpaste because the crown area and its surrounding will remain sensitive to cold or heat.
  • Flossing- This will help your teeth to remain in good shape.
  • Avoid Clenching Teeth At Night- If you have the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep, your dentist will recommend a night guard to protect the crown and the surrounding teeth.
  • Avoid Hard Foods- Chewing hard food or ice will break your crown, especially if it is made up of porcelain.

How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

The dental crown lasts 5 to 15 years, according to its care and usage. Some crowns may even last longer than this if it is sturdier. A monolithic crown is made up of an excellent material known as Zirconia. This type of crown is solid and can bear the heavy forces of bites. They are least likely to be broken or cracked easily. Though all the porcelain and the ceramic crown look more natural, they are less robust than the metal versions. When the crown is taken care of properly, it will last many years without wear and tear.


Dentists in Medford MA, suggest getting a dental crown when your cavity is more extensive, and filling will not be sufficient. Fixing a crown may be completed within a day or multiple days. Depending on your damage, your dentist will suggest which material and process will be best for your crown.

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