How Long Does It Take To Build A Granny Flat?

Generally, Granny Flats Penrith takes about 10 to 12 weeks or about 3months to be constructed. However, if the building site is a bit complicated, then the time taken would be slightly higher. To understand why the construction of the Granny flat takes this time, it is important to understand the procedures involved. The pre-construction prep work includes:

  • Site assessment to understand the layout of the land since additional prep work would be required based on the:
    • The slope and incline of the land,
    • Location and size,
    • Sewage, drainage placement,
    • Current electrical layout,
    • Existing planning overlays,
    • Title restrictions and
    • Impact on neighbours.
  • Development related compliances that need to be adhered to and the general rules and regulations governing the construction that Granny Flats Builders Sydney need to follow
  • Planning for the construction after getting the required council and building approvals

With the above-taken care of, the neighbours need to be informed of the construction and the approximate time it will take. This is a legal requirement since they will be affected by the ensuing noise and disruption. A little courtesy can go a long way in preventing future complications from arising.

Site preparation

Clearing and levelling of the area chosen for construction mark the start of the actual process of construction. From here on the time taken would be around 10 to 12 weeks. The electrical, drainage, water and sewage connections need to be looked into and mapped accordingly. The construction site should have proper access so that building materials and equipment can be transported to the site. The construction workers will also need access to toilet facilities and a place where they can take their lunch. If it is not possible to access the main house toilets, hiring a porta-potty would be a good option.

Slab poured

The next step includes pouring the concrete. This starts with the surveyors marking the boundaries of the Granny Flats Penrith leading to the pouring of the slab and erection of the piers. A termite protection barrier also needs to be put in place at this stage.

Building the frame and windows

In this stage, the builders will put up the skeletal frame of the Granny flat being constructed. The Granny flat starts to take shape as frames are put up separately for individual rooms. The window frames are also placed once the mainframe is in place.

Roof building

The roof building can only be done is the weather permits. If it is not conducive, the construction will be stalled as the weather to clear before the roof is built. The Granny Flats Builders Sydney will start constructing the room walls from the outside and then proceed with building the roof.

This stage is time taking since the design of the Granny flat and the materials chosen for construction might cause some delay.

Electrical and plumbing

After the Granny flat takes the shape of a house, the plumbing and electrical connections have to be installed as per the plan. This stage requires the presence of an electrician and plumber at the site. For Granny flats that will be rented out in future, it is always advisable to put in a separate meter for measuring the units of electricity constructed.

Insulation and plastering

With all the electrical and plumbing requirements taken care of, the outer walls are insulated and then plastered to prevent movement of heat.

Flooring and waterproofing

After taking into consideration the waterproofing requirements of the bathrooms and the kitchen, the flooring of the Granny flat needs to be completed. The time required for this phase of the construction is based on the materials chosen for laying the floor.

This completes the construction of the Granny flat and makes it ready for external painting, carpet laying, installation of the fit-outs, the interior painting etc. However, the entire construction process can only be considered complete after the final clean up and landscaping of the area is done.

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