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How Long Does Conveyancing Take?

Conveyancing is a legal process that must be completed before purchasing or selling property. Transferring ownership of a property from one person to another is a legal process.

How long does it take to complete a transfer of property?

When you make an offer on a property or accept an offer on your house, the conveyancing procedure begins. It lasts until completion day when the keys to the property are handed over.

Why Is Conveyancing So Difficult to Complete?

Conveyancing can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, although this can vary. Your case may take longer than 8-12 weeks, depending on your situation.

Conveyancing might take time for a variety of reasons. To minimize future delays, each stage of the process must be completed correctly. What appears to be a simple procedure, such as filling out a TR1 Form, actually requires a great deal of time and effort. we have been providing exceptional residential conveyancing services throughout Adelaide.

Your conveyancer should begin the process as soon as your offer is approved or a buyer’s offer is accepted to avoid a delay in your case.

There are several reasons why conveyancing may take a lengthy time.

  • It will take longer for your conveyancing if there are delays in other parts of the sale.
  • When a property survey returns terrible news, it can put your plans on hold for the time being. Trying to figure out if you can lower your offer, seek more professional counsel, or back out can take some extra time.
  • If everything else is in order, but your mortgage offer hasn’t been approved, this can cause delays in the process of transferring ownership of the property. If your mortgage offer has expired, the same rules will apply. For the most part, mortgage offers are good for three to six months.

Your conveyancer will have to order property searches from the necessary authorities if there is a delay in the conveyancing search results. If the local authority is understaffed and overburdened, it could take weeks or months to finish the searches.

Without a Chain, How Long Is Conveyancing?

When a sale is agreed upon, the conveyancing process should take around eight weeks if there is no property chain. Subsequent property purchases cause most conveyancing delays. This means that your conveyancing process will be much shorter if you’re not part of a property chain.

There will still be some hiccups in the process, even though you won’t have to deal with the delays that come with a property chain. Negative survey results and delays in receiving the search results or legal concerns with the property may still be uncovered by your conveyancer’s assessment of the contract papers.

As a first-time buyer, you won’t be part of a property chain because you don’t own a home of your own. Find out detailed information how long conveyancing takes with no chain here.

Some searches can take days, while others can take weeks, depending on the case’s complexity. A local government search, an environmental search, and a drainage and water search are all part of a conveyancing search.

The local council will be in charge of searching for local officials. Your local government’s workload will affect the time it takes to search. There isn’t a set schedule because different local authorities will require different amounts of time.

Your conveyancer should receive the results of the environmental and drainage, and water searches within 5 to 10 days of the date they were applied for. When it comes to discovering critical property information, conveyancing searches can take a long time, but they are necessary. You’ll be glad you waited if there’s any bad news to be found after you’ve moved in.

If a seller wants an extended period between the exchange and completion of the transaction, they can use it to tie up with their next purchase, for instance.


You will receive the keys to your new home on the day of closing. Conveyancing solicitors will arrange for the transfer of all money on that day. Once the seller’s solicitor has received the total amount of the sale, the seller must depart the property by noon, and the buyer is given the keys at that time.

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