How is Machine Learning Used in Web Development?

Machine learning is the core of artificial intelligence.

It’s about giving computers algorithms that are used to sort through data, before evolving the appropriate responses.

That’s a desirable goal for many businesses. It allows anyone to adapt their services to ever-growing customer needs, and at a quick pace too.

Basically, with machine learning, you get a massive pay-off in scalability. It’s beneficial to all businesses, but PHP web development is at the top of that list!

How so? That’s what we’ll explore below!

Starting With an Example – Google

Google is the biggest implementer of machine learning. The company has to set up its algorithms allowing users to better sift its engine. It analyzes multiple patterns, from search queries to keywords.

Then, it analyzes the person that’s using its engine (if you give Google access to that info). From there, it switches the query results offered to match what the user “probably” needs.

And we’d like to emphasize the “probably” portion.

Artificial intelligence is a process of accurate guesswork. It analyzes data, then offers conclusions based on what the customer most likely wants.

If your business can use that kind of service model (it likely does), then you’re in for a treat!

If Not Using It – Then At Least Follow It

Most large online services rely on machine learning.

Take Netflix for example. Netflix likes to suggest movies and shows based on what it collects through its algorithms.

Now, you might be designing a website in Netflix’s niche (something related to the entertainment business). You may be looking to attract viewers there.

You’ll need to find out what your viewers are primarily watching. And you get that info from what bigger companies mostly recommend to its users.

So machine learning use isn’t just a way to evolve your services. It’s a way to know popular trends on the market.

That is, in web development, you’re not restricted to using it for a service or two. You can take that to an industry level and know what sells, and what doesn’t!

Some Stats for a Clearer Picture

Websites such as SEM Rush have a large list of AI statistics.

However, the standout ones show that only 7% of web development companies don’t use AI. Plus, 86% of CEOs see AI use as standard practice (stats 16 and 17).

Basically, it’s a standard in web services. Whether you offer an AI-reliant service, or you’re doing market research, machine learning is a must.

But, we’re of the opinion that learning from larger companies isn’t enough. After all, why not use it too?

Below, we’ll show you how. We’ll discuss some changes you can make to a site using AI (that’ll pay off far into the future)!

Creating Application Codes From Scratch

AI can simplify the app development process.

It allows for faster coding. AI makes coding more efficient, automating multiple commands for fast turnaround times.

Plus, it lets you build intuitive apps in shorter timeframes, letting you better respond to market changes.

Enhancing Customer Experience

You’ve probably come across websites that offer customer service “chat boxes” before.

They tend to be around the clock. They’ll detect when an IP address visits a site, and then pop up if they’re surfing the site for a while.

But that’s not all. Those chats can simulate human conversations, letting you downsize your customer service workforce!

Many can also be programmed to assist visitors without human help.

For example, your AI customer chat can be pre-programmed with the ability to respond with links to pages (or inquiries), based on common customer questions.

Analyze Customer Behaviors

We mentioned earlier that you can pick up market trends from how large companies use AI – and the results they provide.

But you can apply that on a smaller scale too. You can program an AI on your site to analyze how customers act.

Google already offers such tools (such as Google analytics). It lets you track everything from bounce times to traffic values, most visited pages/hyperlinks, etc.

Basically, such a feature lets you hone in on the best aspects of your site – letting you replicate that in the future!

Personalize User Experience

Let’s say your website is best at tweaking it service based on customer demographic.

AI can help with that. You can design your website to collect the personal info of visitors (with their permission of course).

From there, you can program a response system or service based on what you get.

That could be anything from gender, to location, or certain multiple-choice questions you use. And speaking of that, you can incorporate surveys to boost your AI’s results too!

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