How IoT Can Improve The Day-To-Day Life Of Employees?

Mostly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is associated with home automation; however, the Internet of Things industry is ready to revolutionize the corporate world as well. The IoT consists of connected devices that are embedded with smart sensors that create a network of intelligent technologies.

The IoT consulting can help businesses to put time and effort into tasks that genuinely require human intelligence and the rest of the tasks are overturned to smart technologies. This makes room for better growth and relevance of a business.

The entire model of IoT is based on the internet and so if you are interested in adopting this latest technology for your workspace, you ought to get a good commercial internet connection. In all my years of experience, the things I have found as a merit for an internet provider is that it should supply internet speeds as stated in the advertisements, and it should offer 24/7 excellent technical support. On such an account, you can refer to Spectrum deals for business internet plans as it proves to be great on both fronts vis-a-vis speed and technical support.

On the off chance that you are on the fence about the inclusion of IoT in your workplace, below is a list of reasons that might tip the scale in the direction of IoT affirmation.

1. Office management system

Although the security system of most workspaces is in place, yet if you are an owner of a multi-location office management system, IoT brings vast solutions for you.

Through the benefit of the Internet of Things network, you can always know the happening going around in all your office locations in real-time. The computer-enabled cameras, multipurpose trackers, and motion sensors can track the activities of your office during work hours and can also keep track of everyone who comes in. The timesheets can also be retrieved from this setup, meaning that this menial job does not require a human now. All of the reports can be viewed via your smartphone or PC using a single interface.

2. Onboarding of Employees

Till now, the onboarding process of employees has required personal presence but not anymore – you can now welcome new employees through the system of the Internet of Things.

Using IoT, you can put all the information they require on a company website and the introductory guided tour can also be self-sustained. Beacon-based hardware or geofencing solution can be incorporated to enable navigation experiences. Both these solutions can work seamlessly through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system.

A seating map available on the real-time navigated route can help employees in finding each other in an open working space as well.

3. Meeting and Planning

The meeting space can become smart with the help of IoT. This means that employees can remotely schedule a conference in a space they find suitable. They can even book equipment that might be required and confirm their presence through an integrated system. Managers and meeting coordinators can oversee and monitor the entire conference from anywhere.

What’s more is that this system allows you to take full control of motion, energy, and lights remotely. You can even take note of computer usage, or motion and light intensity. As such, you can be sure to save energy in the process, which in the end, is the main world goal.

4. Restricted Access

If you have an office setup that requires high-level security and restricted access, IoT might just be the solution. To access restricted areas, employees would need a secure authentication requiring retina, fingerprints, face, and voice recognition.

The HD cameras integrated with the security system can read people’s faces and process out the visitors from regulars. This technology can also solve issues regarding parking, for example, sensors assimilated in the parking space can determine occupied spots and even list the names of employees using them. The alarms and door transit counts can also be included in this IoT system.

5. Well-being of workspace

In order to improve the well-being of employees, you need to make work-life comfortable for them. The Internet of Things network can control electric systems around the office as well. You can open windows, dim lights, and control temperature and CO2 levels from anywhere, with just a tap on the screen using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Likewise, a smart office can induce high degrees of comfort by smart consumption. Managers can easily put devices and electric systems in sleep or snooze mode at night or whenever they are not in use. Such practices can allow offices to save operational costs to a high degree.

6. Self-sustained office system

IoT-driven workspaces guarantee more time for bureaucratic and business procedures by minimizing the number of menial tasks. Employees have lesser outlets of distractions and can save time on the organization of their workspace.

These IoT work systems are modular and scalable. You can use them as much as your office requires.

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