How having a custom app for your business could increase ROI

As mobile apps continue to create exciting and engaging user experiences, many techies are beginning to wonder if the app will eventually replace the website entirely. Apps allow much better interaction with consumers. As well as offering more advanced security options, they also provide opportunities to create additional revenue streams. Mobile apps are also often much less clunky than mobile websites, giving users an intuitive and increasingly enjoyable way to navigate to what they need. Apps provide a great way for users to have a more personal experience with the content they are looking for.

Given that 86 percent of mobile device users spend their time using apps, app developers are certainly doing something right. Only time will tell if apps replace the old browser-based web experience, but a closer look at how you can increase your ROI with apps provides insight.

Provide users with better security

The custom mobile applications seamlessly integrate with a device’s existing security system to ensure the best level of encryption. Mobile device management (MDM) software is also audited and adheres to strict security standards that are more secure than a standard website. Traditional website security like antivirus programs can be expensive and create other headaches like bloatware, making them more trouble than they’re worth. Save your customers and prospects the hassle and use everything the app has to offer.

Give them instant access

With today’s fast-paced society, people need speed, especially when they have little or no time to surf the Internet for the next need. Mobile applications can be accessed and provide solutions much faster than websites. Websites need to be opened through browsers and therefore can take longer to load, making them more difficult to use when searching for answers quickly. Although many mobile sites don’t work offline, websites often have the same problem. Your app can solve this problem by making content available for local downloads and instant access. Websites can be viewed offline, but most are at the mercy of their browsers.

Make it personal

Is your application customizable for the user? Mobile apps typically prompt users to log in and set preferences right from the start. Set up your app to track user engagement and use this data to offer personalized suggestions and updates, introducing your users to other relevant products or services you offer. Applications may also record important information, such as the user’s location, to help provide geographic content to its user. The more personalized and personal the experience, the higher the conversion rate.

Interact with them

Your app increases engagement from current and potential customers. There are two factors that allow apps to be a more immersive experience for users. Not only do they run within their own interface, they often have a unique icon on the mobile device’s home screen that allows the brand to become more integrated with each user’s behavior. Notifications and badges on this icon help bring users back to the app to see what they’ve missed. Websites rely on user interaction to send notifications, just like apps, but the delivery method is usually in the form of email. This places an additional barrier between the user and the desired content, breaking engagement. Your app can attract a user with just a passing glance.

All of the above points can be achieved from using the right custom app. So can a custom app increase your ROI? The answer is yes, it can!

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