How exterior visualization can help architects in their work

Have an exterior or interior designed in 2 & 3D. This gives you a good and clear insight into what the living space can look like.

What is a 3D interior design?

With a new or renovation plan, but also with major changes without renovation, many people find it difficult to get a good idea of ​​the choices and consequences for the new situation. By translating the floor plan of the room(s) with the design for the (new) room(s) into 3D. 3d is a very realistic picture of the total layout, layout and styling is created. In the simulation of the interior, existing and available products are used. With a 3D design you get a photo-realistic and inspiring image of your future space(s) for exterior rendering. With the end result in mind, you know what you’re getting into and it’s much easier to make decisions and choices!

Is a 3D advice something for you?

Do you want to develop an interior concept together with an expert and get a complete, lifelike preview of the interior, with all the choices made for furniture, lighting, accessories, colors and materials? Do you want to walk, as it were, in the future executed spaces? Then the 3d rendering services is a good choice for you!

The starting point

We have a consultation of a maximum of 2 hours in which wishes with regard to the (re)construction plan and/or the layout and design of the existing interior are discussed. In preparation for this, you supply relevant information, such as floor plans, photos and a list in which you describe how you live, what your wishes are and which interior style appeals to you most. Only an expert can then prepare well for the project.

The design

If you have indicated that you want to have the design made, a concept will be devised for the relevant room(s) based on the floor plan and your input.

A very realistic 3D simulation is made of this in which the possible layout, decoration, furnishing and styling with all choices for furniture, lighting and styling are included. Up to and including light and shadow in the room, a picture is given of the future situation.

The communication

There will be a presentation and explanation of the simulation by the experts at your home. You can walk into the design in her laptop, as it were.

If you are satisfied and enthusiastic, experts already leaves the samples of the materials and colors for the decoration of the room. After payment of the invoice for the work, you will receive the images of the simulation and all relevant information about the processed furniture, lighting, materials, colors, accessories, etc.

The fine tuning

At the presentation, minor changes can be made to the simulation at your request, so that you can see what the consequences are. If major changes are desired, one more correction round can possibly take place to include the desired adjustments. After the transfer of the modified design, the project is basically over and any additional adjustments get charged.

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