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How Does a Company Logo Influence Customers’ Purchasing Decisions?

Whenever we see a logo of the brand that we love, we feel excited and great. This feeling contributes to attracting you to the brand. This is how logos are used to attract your mind and impact purchasing decisions. You can make that happen with your logo as well. So, you need to create a stunning logo using amazing tools such as Designhill logo maker.

But, you must wonder, how does a logo influence customers’ purchasing decisions? Designhill has compiled 5 reasons how logos influence customers’ minds and their purchasing decisions. Read below to find out-

Logo Design Influences Customers’ Purchasing Decisions

Logo designs are quite crucial because they influence assumptions about the brand they represent. The feelings you have towards Nike are different from your feelings toward Adidas, Air Jordan, etc. Every brand has a different feeling and effect on the target audience’s mind.

Even though these brands have similar merchandise, still the effect and brand image differ. When you see their logos, some subconscious feelings get attached to the logo design Las Vegas. You feel emotions regarding the brand based on your past experiences and the branding choices of the business.

When people will see your logo for the first time, they will form a certain perception about your brand. This first impression will have a long-lasting effect on your viewer’s mind. So, you need to make sure that the first impression is a positive one. Create a logo design that fits your customers’ choices and likings. Use high-end logo facilities or graphic design tools to create a stunning and effective logo design.

On the basis of your logo design, if the perception of your logo is good, means your audience thinks that you are a great brand with value and deserve trust, they would develop a positive feeling for your brand. However, if the perception of your brand logo is bad, cheap, amateur, or untrustful then you, it will be quite hard for you to prove a point infront of your audience.

It is best to take the help of professionals when designing such an important piece of your brand. You can use Designhill logo maker powered with artificial intelligence to create professional logo design online. Besides, logo design las vegas services by UPQODE provide a wide range of options for businesses and organizations looking to get a new logo or update their current one. Besides, logo design las vegas services by UPQODE provide a wide range of options for businesses and organizations looking to get a new logo or update their current one.

Psychology of Logo Colors

Every color has a different meaning and sends different emotional signals to human minds. Colors can make us feel calm, excited, cheerful, motivated, etc. Logo colors use such natural responses to provoke certain feelings about a brand.

To get your hands on a variety of colors, you can use an online logo maker. Such tools have a huge library of colors and fonts for you to pick from.

  • Black and White- Black and white logos give a sense of elegance, confidence, and maturity. Such logos are quite popular in the fashion industry. The most famous examples of black and white logos are Chanel, Loreal, Dyson, etc.
  • Gradient colors- Next, this one is an innovative approach perfect for today’s era. With times changing, there is a need for new and improved logo designs and color choices. Gradient colors include a shift from one color to another. These colors look modern, unique, and controversial. This isn’t a classic choice because historically they would not print well. The most famous gradients belong to Instagram, Asana, Firefox, etc.
  • Bright colors- Furthermore, usually yellow, oranges, reds, and other hot and bright colors are great to show energy. These colors are youthful, energetic, and exciting. Such colors are great for brands that appeal to children as they readily catch attention. Many popular brands are using bright colors in their logos such as Lyft, Spotify, Mcdonald’s, etc.

Psychology of Fonts

There are plenty of fonts in existence and are being used in the graphic designing field. Some fonts are made to create a professional look providing beautiful symmetry, flow, and space between letters. Some other fonts look amateur and might give a cheap effect when used for anything.

Usually, a brand logo needs 1-2 fonts and nothing more. Also, brands choose 1-2 font styles for other branding materials such as websites, flyers, label designs, business cards, packaging designs, etc.

There are a variety of fonts that will give a certain impression or perception when combined with other design elements for a logo or branded materials. Here are some commonly used and effective font styles-

  • Serif Fonts- The best examples of serif fonts are Times New Roman. The little line or stroke that is shown on the upper or outer corners of letters is a characteristic feature. Serif fonts are classic, formal, strong, authoritative, and trustworthy. They can create a timeless and confident brand look.
  • Sans-serif Fonts- Sans means without, so sans serif fonts do not have lines on letters. Arial is the most common example of a sans-serif font. This font style creates a modern, clean, straightforward, and honest-looking style. You can use these sans-serif font styles for your brand logo- Ariel, Helvetica, and Verdana.
  • Slab-serif Fonts- Slab serif fonts are thick, horizontal slabs to form letters. These fonts are evenly thick and horizontal without much tapering. Slab serif fonts are bold, confident, and showcase professionalism. Volvo uses Clarendon for its slab-serif logo.
  • Script Fonts- The flowy lines of scrips fonts look attractive. If they are used correctly, such fonts offer feminine quality and set your brand apart. Scrip fonts show creativity, elegance, and compassion. It creates unique and distinct designs.
  • Display Fonts- Companies create their version of the font by breaking rules for font styles. Display and decorative fonts are unique, dramatic, fun, and stylish. Display fonts are popularly used by Lego, Disney, IBM, etc.

Psychology of Logo Shapes

Same as colors and fonts, shapes can also be used to convey certain feelings to the audience. The overall shape of your logo design can have a major impact on conveying meaning to your viewers.

  • Geometric Shapes- Geometric shapes are a symbol of stability, dependability, and action. Harsh and structured shapes can make your company look organized and trustworthy. Circles show movement and unity while squares symbolize strength and longevity. Furthermore, lines can illustrate future thinking and energy.
  • Organic Shapes- Organic shapes are a better choice for nature-based brands. These shapes look natural and feel comfortable. Such shapes can include splatters, like the Nickelodeon logo. These show energy, rawness, and youthfulness. These are not confined to rules of geometric shapes. Thus, organic shapes usually make a brand look more agile and go with flow kind.
  • Abstract Shapes- Logos that use abstract shapes convey a feeling rather than a meaning. A famous example of a brand using abstract shapes in the logo is Pepsi.

Psychology of Composition

Furthermore, the psychology of composition also matters. When it comes to art, the main goal is to keep eye on the image. Your logo can pull people in with the right composition choice.

The core of your brand should stand out in the logo. The most important part of your brand should be easily noticeable and understandable. Try to keep the logo simple and minimalistic to avoid people getting confused.

In addition to this, your logo is to be displayed on a variety of platforms. So, use a design size guide to create proper versions of your logo design.


Various elements are responsible for affecting the decisions of your customers such as logo colors, fonts, shapes, and more. So, logo design is quite important in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. Create a stunning logo using a logo maker. Along with this, you can also use tools such as flyer makers, and business card makers to form a whole branding kit.

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