How do you know if it’s a good trend or not

Fashion can often be a very fickle industry, with what’s in one season being out the next. That being said, there are some trends that have become so popular that you just know they’re never going to die down anytime soon – which is fortunate for the brands who have invested heavily into them. However, although it can be easy to identify long lasting trends, it takes true insight to pick out the trends that are here today but gone tomorrow!

To help you on your quest of identifying what’s hot right now and what’s not worth bothering with at all, we’ve put together this awesome info graphic illustrating eight awesome ‘get it or forget about it’ fashion from travis scott official and beauty trends:

When trying to decide if a trend is good or bad, a good start point is to ask yourself “Will I still be wearing it in a few weeks?

On the other hand, if you can picture yourself buying clothes from next season that fall under this particular trend, then it’s definitely worth getting involved with. In fact, get out there and get purchasing – trends don’t get big unless people actually buy them!

You’ll also see that we have added a section on whether the trend is going to last or not – making it even easier for you to decide which trends are a complete waste of your hard earned cash.

Now all you need to do is check out our awesome list below and pretty soon you’ll be rocking some on-trend like tylerthecreatormerch looks!

Remember, if you’re struggling for inspiration, don’t forget to check out our social media pages linked at the bottom of this post – we promise it will save you from all those fashion faux pas!

That being said, it’s not always easy to tell if a trend is going to last or not. After all, there were many people who thought that vertical stripes were going to come and go in a flash – but they couldn’t have been more wrong with their forecast! So, without further ado here are eight awesome trends that are here today but gone tomorrow…

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Description of info graphics:

Business info graphic about how to recognize good and bad fashion trends. Contains information on how to recognize fashion trends, what to look out for when you are trying to figure them out and how well they will last.

Conclusion paragraph:

The best way to know if it’s a good trend or not is by asking yourself these questions. Does the trend match my personal style? Do I have enough money for this trend, and would I be able to wear something like this more than once in two months? Will people compliment me on wearing this piece of clothing? If you answer yes to all three of those questions then the fashion trend might just be worth your while!

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