How Do You Choose the Right Ice Box?

Imagine going on a camping trip. You probably have planned everything down to a T. Except that you ignored the container. So, by the time you reach, most of the food items are spoiled.

In an arid climate like Australia has, it is important to keep the temperature in mind. Iceboxes, with their low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation, can keep your food fresh longer.

That being said, you need to understand that not all iceboxes are made equal. Therefore, knowing about them in detail is better when you plan to buy ice box coolers.

Factors for Choosing the Right Ice Box

The right icebox can do more than just maintain the ideal temperature for your food and desserts. They can even protect fruits, vegetables and dairy products from environmental damage.

As global climate change continues raising the temperature in Australia, this product becomes even more critical. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind when you want to buy ice box coolers.


As obvious as it may sound, a lot of times, not paying attention to the size of the icebox can create a problem.  Iceboxes are available in many sizes, and they can be as small or big as you want.

So, it’s better to understand what your purpose to buy ice box coolers is before purchasing. An icebox for drinks need not be as big as one for drinks and food together. Also, you might want to invest in multiple iceboxes for different occasions.


It is another factor when choosing the right iceboxes. These cooling containers are meant to keep your foods and beverages safe from the climate. Therefore, picking up more durable options is a better choice.

You should also pay attention to the design mechanisms. Being picky about the small details, like the handles, hinge, feet, and lock, go a long way in ensuring the product’s longevity.


You can learn a lot about the quality of the icebox from the type of insulation it has. Pay close attention to the inside walls. There should be foam there. Also, foaming on the lid ensures further improved insulation.

You want a product that is worth every dollar. So, pay attention to the inside size of the icebox just as much as the outside. Getting an icebox with thick walls will be a better choice as its insulating capacity will be the best.

The Material

The type of material used to manufacture your icebox will also make a huge difference in its functionality. Iceboxes are generally made of two kinds of materials.


The icebox coolers are made from polythene plastic, using the Roto-moulded methods. That means the bigger parts of the box are made from one single large piece of plastic. They also have an insulation layer between the outer coatings.

These boxes are proven to keep ice intact for up to 10 days. However, they tend to retain the odour of the food kept inside, so you have to clean them regularly.


There is another type of icebox made of fibreglass. The insulation in these is done between the layers, so the content of the boxes stays cool longer. An advantage of using fibreglass is that it is not easily breakable, but the boxes tend to be heavier.

These are some of the tricks you can use when you are planning to buy ice box coolers. Depending on the purpose, material and insulation, you can choose the most suitable product.

Besides the aspects mentioned earlier, you should also check whether the boxes are lockable and come with a warranty.

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