How Do Solar Rebate Work In Victoria?

This is one among many concerns about solar household packages. Apart from how it works, people still search for their impact on individual persons, retailers, and installers. In Victoria, the solar rebate program is directed towards subsidizing home batteries, rooftop solar, and hot water solar panels.

The program targets an average of 777,000 households throughout Victoria. Through this, the government allocated AUS$545 to increase the total number of solar homes. However, prospective beneficiaries find it hard to understand the concept behind this rebate.

Solar Panel Rebate in Victoria

The Victorian government provides this incentive to its households to set a rooftop solar PV system with ease. Initially, the rebate amounted to $2,225, but currently, it has been reduced to $1,850.

It is important to note that one must install a solar system panel at their properties prior to getting the rebate. Those eligible to claim for Victoria solar rebate as well can claim the interest-free loan. This means that the government provides any interested and eligible person with an interest-free loan that equals Victoria’s original rebate amount.

If you’re a lucky soul and get the loan, you can repay it within 48 months or 4 years. However, it is essential to keep up with the update of the remaining rebate post before applying for this loan. For individuals who may not like the loan, they can pay in installments.

Who is Eligible for Solar Rebate in Victoria?

Not everyone is eligible for a solar rebate in Victoria. However, it would be best if you met the following to qualify for the solar rebate.

  • Only available for Victorian households

Since the Victoria solar panel rebate was introduced and controlled by the Victoria state government, it is only granted to Victorian households.

  • First-time installer

If you had earlier installed a solar power system, then you’re not eligible. Only individuals installing the system for the very first time can claim this solar rebate.

  • House Renters

House renters can as well claim solar rebates in Victoria to an amount not exceeding $1850. However, they are subject to the Solar Homes landlord Rebate Agreement and program eligibility.

  • Pre-existing solar owners

Individuals who installed their solar before 1st November 2009 before (PFiT) Premium Feed-in-Tariff System can apply for the solar rebate in Victoria. One is as well eligible for an interest-free loan.

  • Community Housing Providers

Owners of public housing or social housing which offer a non-profit housing service are eligible for this solar rebate on behalf of their tenants.

The Eligibility Criteria

Apart from fulfilling the above requirements, you need to follow specific criteria to be fully eligible for Victoria solar rebate. Typically this rebate was created to help Victorian residents on low, fixed, and medium incomes who more often struggle to own a solar system.

As a result, this reduces the cost of living. To win such incentives, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria successfully.

  • You must be a landlord or the owner of the concerned property.
  • One must have the lesser of $180,000 per annum of a combined household taxable income. That is as per the previous year’s Tax office Notice of Assessment.
  • The present value of the property to which the solar system’s installation will be done should be less than $3 million.
  • You should be applying for a Victorian solar panel rebate for the first time.

How Victoria Solar Rebate Works

As aforementioned, this solar rebate decreases the overall solar power installation upfront cost. However, first, you’ll need to get a quotation from an accredited solar retailer, then proceed to the Victoria rebate portal and apply. Also, have a look here:

Before you apply, ensure you have all the documents to prove the ownership of the property. To verify your identity, enter the details from any of these documents; driver’s license, foreign Passport, medical card, Australian birth certificate, Australian Passport, and Immicard.

Once you pass the eligibility criteria as stated above, you’ll be given a confirmation number. The moment you have the QR code proceed with the installation procedure. Once done, the Victorian solar authority will cash out the equivalent of the solar rebate amount to the retailer of your choice on your behalf.

If you would like to apply for a government interest-free loan, you’ll need to provide bank account details where the deduction will be made. However, note that loan application is based on overall benefits provided by your retailer.

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