How Do I Build a FiveM Server? An Instructional Guide

If you’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto V for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about how a fivem server may alter your favorite game. Any player will be able to enjoy updated cars, game modes, and maps thanks to its maximal modding capabilities. Let our gaming professionals help you set up fivem servers in this post to improve your gaming experience.

Get these ready.

You should be aware, first and foremost, that this technique requires specific program prerequisites to be present. Your system must be installed with Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or another more recent version for conventional and Windows VPS installs.

To ensure the proper installation of your fivem servers, our staff also advises incorporating Git software into your system. In addition, you might want to save time by noting your public server IP address for simpler verification and obtaining your fivem licensing key from the keymaster website


Although a fivem license is free, its free features are limited to 32 players. Your system will only require about 4GB to 8GB of Random Access Memory for this player capacity (RAM). The less players there are, the less RAM is required to run it.

  1. For Windows is to install Visual C++.

You must install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 on your machine before moving on to the next step in creating a fivem server. Install a more recent version in its place if your unit doesn’t have one available.

  1. Go to the Artifacts Server 

Visit the artifact server website next. Files from the earliest to the most recent server versions of fivem can be found there.

  1. Download the fivem files.

There are two buttons from the artifacts server website at the top of the list. To get the files you need for the installation, click on the Latest Recommended link rather than the Latest Optional.

You should make a new folder to extract the fivem compressed files into. To prevent misunderstanding when operating the server, our gaming specialists advise clearly identifying the folders.

  1. Start the server

You’ll discover an executable file using the name fxserver.exe among the files extracted in the brand-new folder you made. In order to start the server, click it twice. Your browser will display an admin site after the server has started. Enter your terminal’s PIN and click the “connect account” button.

  1. Access

You will next need to sign into your account. To establish the connection, select the Yes, Allow option in that tab.

  1. Create passwords

The following step is to create a new password for your server admin page after connecting your account. After clicking the Save button, a new window will appear asking you to enter the name of your server.

  1. Choose the Deployment Type 

You must choose the deployment type for your server on the same set of steps. Although you have a lot of options, our experts suggest that you pick the Popular Template to expedite the setup process.

The CFX Default template must be chosen in the following step since other templates require database servers.

  1. Examine the recipe

Continue to Recipe Deployer to confirm the setting is accurate. You will be able to see the codes there. Click the next button to move on to the following steps after you are certain that you understand the recipe.

  1. Input Keymaster and run Recipe 

Because you’ll need to enter these parameters to execute the Recipe, be sure you have already generated your fivem license key from the Keymaster website.

  1. Start the server

You will be informed that the Recipe is being executed via a dialogue window that will show up. To complete the procedure, select Save & Run from the menu.

Conventional installation is to install Visual C++.

You must install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or one of its most recent versions, much like the Windows setup.

Create a Directory 

You must establish a directory to house your server binaries. You can use the D:fxserverserver file command format.

Visit the Artifacts Server.

Get the most recent suggested master branch build for your operating system by going to the artifacts server next.

Install Master Branch 

Install the master branch in your system using the provided files.

Extract the built

Extract the build in the previously generated directory using an archiver like winrar or 7-Zip.

Clone cfx-server-data 

It’s now time to clone the cfx-server-data into a new folder that was created apart from the server binaries folder.


Although it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to figure out how to create a fivem server list, always remember that taking your time with each step can help you prevent technical problems in the long run. Learn about its technical aspects, and we can guarantee that you’ll soon be able to configure it with ease.

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