How COVID-19 has affected the global online betting industry

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected almost every industry. Working from home and exploring new hobbies and interests virtually has indeed become the new normal. The pandemic has changed habits and preferences across the globe, and the gambling industry is no exception.

The gambling industry has witnessed a mixed impact. The brick and mortar gambling industry are seeing an all-time low in revenue. On the other hand, online gambling soared beyond expectations.

Analysts predict that the global gambling market will grow from $465.76 billion in 2020 to $516.03 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8%.

How has the gambling market been negatively affected by COVID-19?

The pandemic has affected the gambling business profoundly. Worldwide professional sports are postponed, land casinos are closed down, and social distancing has shut down domestic games.

Due to social alienation and travel limitations, land-based casinos around the world have seen a considerable reduction in revenue. Casino resorts in Las Vegas have reported a substantial decline in visitors.

As the threat of a pandemic grows, more gamblers are opting for a stay-at-home strategy. For gambling resorts, this is unquestionably terrible news. It is, on the other hand, good news for online casinos and betting companies.

COVID-19: A blessing in disguise for the online gambling industry

Online gambling sites provide a safe alternative to crowded casinos and packed football stadiums. This fact has helped propel online betting sites to new heights during the recent pandemic.

As countries have implemented lockdown procedures, gamblers no longer have the option of going to a land-based betting establishment. They are now flocking to online casinos and betting sites to play slot machines or bet on their favorite sports.

The sporadic shutdown of sporting activities has also led to a rise in betting on other events, such as weather, vaccination and the pandemic itself have also attracted significant bets.

Without live sporting events to bet on, fans are looking at alternative betting opportunities. Activities like eSports and fantasy sports do not require the participants to come in contact with each other. Punters can bet on the outcome of these virtual games.

Online betting has proven to be a massive hit during the lockdown, with more and more players signing up on the best betting sites.

The demand for online gambling is expected to continue to soar due to the ever-changing gambling habits of consumers,favourite which is brought on by government restrictions and changing market circumstances.

The increasing popularity of betting sites and gambling apps will propel the growth of the market going forward.

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