How can you use Kinemaster- step by step?

Kinemaster app is not the only favorite for unprofessional people. Anybody can use it. If you want to make any video, you can try Kinemaster. It is available in the Google play store. With the Kinemaster pro, you will get the more fantastic feature. But it’s not free you have to purchase spending money. Still, do you want to get Kinemaster Pro for free? Then check the link “”! Now let’s know how you can edit your videos with this fantastic app. I will describe it here step by step!

  1. Check the main menu:

After downloading Kinemaster, you will find here, first of all, “Action Bar.” You will get this on the left part of the app screen. It is actually like the main menu bar. With those features, you can execute every main task for editing videos. For the primary users, it is very satisfying. If, after giving any effect on the video, you feel that you should undo it. There is an undo button. Again if you want to take it back, you can redo the effect very quickly. There is a back key so that you can go back from video editing with the option. You can expand your videos too. Cool stuff, right!

  1. Timeline:

The timeline is the leading platform of this Kinemaster app for users. Here you have to put your videos for editing and do all the work. But there is something more. It is not only one interface for working with any videos. You will get here two different types of the plate for video editing. One type of Kinemaster timeline is in the horizontal shape, and another one is like the vertical shape. The vertical interface is for doing all the preparatory works, and the horizontal shape is familiar as secondary Kinemaster timelines. So you can see, if you get the two interfaces in one app, making videos will be easier for you.

  1. Kinemaster Media Panel:

If Kinemaster is creating its user base, then it’s only for the media panel. This penal is unique and easy to work with it. That’s why Kinemaster is more popular than any other video editing app. Here you will get easy access to all types of necessary tools that you need to edit any content. In this panel, you can get so many varieties of the tool. You only have to select a tool as the video need. Then apply it by choosing the option. The panel has made every editing work easy.

  1. Voice over recorder:

It is another significant feature or part of the Kinemaster. But most of the standard or primary users who don’t need any extra feature don’t use it. It is mainly popular among professional video editors. Youtubers mostly use the feature. If you want to add your voice to the video, you can do it using Kinemaster’s voice-over recorder. At first, you should tap the audio recording button. Then the audio recording will start. Give your voice here instantly with a precise tone. Avoid a noisy area for the better sound quality of your video.

Final Verdict

By following all these tools, you can make any video. But before starting, you can try some random works to develop your skill of using the app. Kinemaster is a very familiar name for those people who work with video editing. It is mainly a perfect app for android phones. But now, it is available for any smart device. By this application can make regular content very cool. Kinemaster has kept so many unusual and unique settings that other video editing apps can’t provide.

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