How Can You Add a Sprayer to an Existing Faucet

If you want to learn how can you add a sprayer to an existing faucet! keep reading, It is not as complicated as it may appear to add a sprayer to your kitchen faucets. Adding a sprayer is actually less costly than replacing the whole faucet with a sprayer spout. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete this installation. Double-check that your sink has an extra hole near the faucet before you begin. It normally has a stopper that closes over it in a circular shape..

How Can You Add A Sprayer To An Existing Faucet?

Step 1: Faucet Preparation

Before you begin, turn off the water and switch off the valves under the sink. Open the faucet to drain any excess water. Disconnect the hot- and cold-water supply lines from the closing valves with a help of a small adjustable wrench.

After removing the faucet, thoroughly clean the sink surface with a scouring pad. You will want to keep the sprayer-hose escutcheon cap on if it is in good condition. If it’s not included, replace it with the one that came with the new faucet.

Step 2: Examine

Look under the faucet to see if there is a pipe leading from the faucet that has a seal. If this is the case, installing the sprayer would be much simpler. It’s possible that the faucet would need to be replaced if there isn’t a drain.

Step 3: Install Spray Flange

The flange should be inserted from the top of the socket, and the plastic nut should be screwed in from underneath. The flange is a circular component with a hole in the middle. Its aim is to shield the hole through which the sprayer can enter. When the hose is not in use, it is kept here. The flange should be made up of two parts: one that fits into the hole from the top and the other that screws into place from underneath the counter.

Step 4: Assemble Fitting

Remove the cap at the end of the pipe, or use the adjustable wrench to remove the pipe from under the faucet. Over the threads on the fresh pipe’s ends, wrap the cotton cord. When placing the pipe fittings together, use oil paint or pipe dope to coat the ends.

Step 5: Ready to Install

Screw the universal coupling to one end of the new pipe and the U-joint to the other. Tighten all of the fittings with the basin wrench. After securing the elbow, turn it to face the sink’s sprayer. Place the male end of the new hose in a hole on the top of the sink. Using the pipe dope and cotton string to tie the plumber’s tape around the male end of the hose. It should be screwed into the U-shaped joint. Using the adjustable wrench, tighten the hose on the shaft. For more content, visit Live Enhanced

Step 6: Last step

Connect the sprayer handle to the hose that runs along the top of the sink. This is often already linked. Underneath the sink, pull the hose. Apply the counterweight to the hose lower section. Take out the sprayer and let the counterweight pull the hose back and see how it works. Switch on the water valves and give the sprayer a test run.

If any pipes are leaking, tighten them up. Wet pipes should be dried. More pipe dope should be applied to the insertion points. If the leaks continue, you will have to start again.

Can I Install A Kitchen Faucet Without The Sprayer?

if you are not able to remove the faucet or add a sprayer to the existing faucet, simply attach the sprayer and roll it under the sink. However, adding a faucet without a sprayer would be perfect. Depending on which faucet you have, a device that clips onto the faucet side to seal it off might have come with it.


Finally, though separate sprayers cover a broader variety of angles and areas, tap head kitchen faucets are much easier to install. Not only that, but they’re two-in-one tap heads that use piping and suit almost every round head faucet. I hope that by adding a sprayer to an existing faucet on your own, you will be able to save money.

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