How can a traffic ticket affect your accident claim in Conyers?

Accidents can happen anytime. Though you can claim compensation for the economic and non-economic expenses, the payment amount can be affected if you get a traffic ticket. A Conyers Car Accident Lawyer can help you to deal with such cases. But in this blog, you will read how a traffic ticket can affect your accident claim so that you are aware of the details.

Does a traffic ticket matter?

If you get a ticket after an accident, it reflects that you were at fault; as a result, the insurance company can exaggerate your mistake and pay you less than you deserve. But that is not always the case. There are certain situations in which your traffic ticket can affect your claim, but there are situations in which it won’t affect your claim, So this brings us to the next part. 

When does a traffic ticket affect your case?

If you got a ticket for a fault that made you directly responsible for the car crash, it would affect your claim. For example, illegal lane change, failing to give a right of way, failing to stop at the red traffic light, or tailgating other vehicles, etc., are situations when you can be directly held responsible for the accident.  

When does a traffic ticket have no impact on your claim?

In situations when your mistake was not directly related to the crash, it won’t have an impact on your compensation. For example, you get a ticket for not wearing the seatbelt, but the seat belt has nothing to do with the crash. So it won’t affect your case. Other situations like missing number plates, absence of insurance proof are also not related to the cause of the accident. Thus it won’t affect your process of getting the compensation.

Now let’s talk about a scenario in which the other party is at fault.

What if the other party is issued a ticket?

If the other party got a ticket for reasons such as speeding, distracted driving, skipping a red light, or following your vehicle too closely, etc., it is easy to make the case in your favor as they can be held responsible for the crash.

What if both parties are issued tickets?

If both the parties are at fault, it becomes essential to find out whose fault has more weightage as that will impact your compensation amount. 


Accidents are uneventful situations that can affect you physically and mentally. So getting a rightful claim becomes even more critical as it will support you and compensate for the medical expenses and lost wages. A ticket can affect the overall amount of the claim you will receive. So be vigilant when you get one and make sure you see for what reason you are getting it. 

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