How Can A Probate Attorney Help You

You might have to seek the services of a probate litigation attorney in cases involving contested wills or trusts. It is natural for the heirs, family members, personal representatives, or beneficiaries of a deceased person to have queries about the assets of their deceased loved ones.  These concerns can be legally raised to the probate court with the help of a professional Reno Probate Attorney who can help you with strategic thinking and legal expertise. Managing and distributing a deceased person’s estate can lead to legal disputes between the heirs, executors, and beneficiaries while trying to determine who will be in charge of the estate. These legal disputes can arise from different claims including lack of transparency, misappropriation of funds, undue influence, and more. Getting the representation of a probate attorney can protect your rights and interests.

The probate attorneys are usually hired to help settle an estate. When a loved one passes away, the next steps are dictated by their estate plan. Probate becomes necessary if they have a will. Trusts don’t go through probate making the process comparatively less complicated and more private. However, a probate attorney can still assist the trustee in administering the trust if there is not a will and only a trust involved. The probate attorneys usually represent a beneficiary (heir to an estate) or the estate itself or the personal representative. These legal professionals can accomplish various things to settle an estate and help the executors and beneficiaries in the following ways:

  •       Collecting the proceeds of a life insurance policy.
  •       Identifying all estate assets.
  •       Paying final bills and debts.
  •       Determining and paying taxes on estate and income which might have become due.
  •       Retitling assets in the beneficiaries’ names.
  •       Ordering property appraisals.
  •       Making final distributions after paying all taxes and bills.
  •       Preparing and filing all legal documents.
  •       Opening and managing the checking account of the estate.
  •       Placing the estate property for sale if required.
  •       Settling legal disputes between the beneficiaries and executors.


Finding the right probate litigation attorney for representation can be a time-consuming yet necessary process. Getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family can be a great way of finding a trusted legal professional. You can also scan through the reviews left behind by others on various online platforms. Usually, these professionals shall have a reliable website providing all the information needed under a single roof. You can browse through the litigation attorney’s credentials, profiles, and client feedback. On narrowing down your list, you need to schedule in-person appointments with them. While some offer free consultation, others charge a fee. It is essential to have all the case-related information ready so that you can answer all the questions your prospective attorney might have. Here you will also require to prepare the questions that you might have for the attorney. However, you should keep in mind that they will only offer a general overview of the legal advice required until you hire their legal services.

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