How Automatic Transcription Software Helps Researchers

Typically, researchers work with a large amount of data. Working with written data is difficult enough, but what about hours of audio and video content that you must listen to and take notes on? Spending too much time and effort on it can make the research process even more time-consuming and exhausting. A qualitative study, in particular, requires a large number of audio/video interviews and observations. Listening to audio recordings for hours can be exhausting for most researchers. This is when an audio transcription comes in handy. For decades, human transcribers have manually converted audio/video files into text, but it takes hours, if not a full day, to transcribe an hour-long file by hand. There is automatic transcription software that uses speech recognition technology to do the job for you in a matter of minutes. Let’s review the significance of automatic transcription for researchers in the following ways:

  • Save time, money and effort 

As previously stated, automatic transcription software allows you to transcribe a file in a matter of minutes rather than hours or even days. If you have a transcript, all the text, in other words, all the details will be in front of you. The software allows you to make notes on the transcript itself using the most recent build text editor, and you can click on any word or sentence to play that part of the audio. Another useful feature is the ‘’search by keywords” function, which is not available with simple audio/video files. Automatic audio to text conversion services, such as Voicedocs, provide all of these benefits for ten to twenty times less money than human transcribers.

  • Connect the trends in your research easily

It is widely accepted that if you receive the same repeated feedback, themes, or trends while conducting research, you will reach a conclusion. If you have any trends, the keyword search option makes it easier to see them. The only thing you have to do is record your interviews or observations in a location with minimal background noise so that the speech recognition accuracy is as high as possible.

  • Make your research available to everyone

After completing your research and publishing the results, you may want to share it with all of the specifics. Because transcript is a text file, you can easily turn it into a book. Adding some headings, categorizing all of the information, and giving it a clear structure results in a book that you can share with fellow researchers or even donate to libraries so that future researchers can benefit from it. Download and use auto clicker, this is free to use and the best source of automation solutions for windows.

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