Home Improvement: Why You Should Sand and Refinish Wood Floors

When you pulled up the old carpeting and padding, there was a pleasant surprise waiting. The house has hardwood floors. It’s true that they could use a little help, but it’s nothing that choosing to sand and refinish wood floors won’t resolve. Here are a few reasons why you should restore those floors instead of covering them with new carpeting.

Restoring the Home to Its Former Glory

The hardwood flooring was an original element of the home. Until wall-to-wall carpeting became such a big thing, those floors were considered one of the defining aspects of the place. They can be again once you have restored them to their former glory.

You may choose to go with the same type of stain used originally. Since you are having the flooring sanded, it’s possible to go with something lighter or darker. Choose wisely, and you will add character to each room that’s been missing for far too long.

Wood Floors Are Great With All Sorts of Decor

When you choose to carpet, the color will define what sort of decor will be used. Even when you go with a neutral color for the carpeting, some options for the decor are immediately off the table. That’s not the way things work when you have beautifully restored wood floors.

It’s easy to dress the room any way that you like. For the flooring, opt for area rugs that fit in with the colors and styles that you want to use. When you decide to change the look of a room, replace the rug along with the other furnishings, and the space looks new. Can you think of an easier way to entirely transform a room?

Easier to Keep Clean Than You May Realize

Think of what goes into cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting. It needs to be vacuumed regularly. Any spills must be dealt with before the carpeting can be stained. You either have to invest in your own steam cleaning machine or hire a service to come in and do the deep cleaning once or twice a year.

If you choose to sand and refinish wood floors instead of covering them up, it’s easy to seal them at the same time. You still want to deal with spills quickly, but the odds of something seeping into the sealed wood are low. In terms of upkeep, a dust mop will make for easy daily cleanup. Forget about having to rent equipment a few times a year; a properly sealed floor can be cleaned with a mild agent and look great for many years.

Adding Market Value to The Home

Here’s something that you may not know about residential hardwood floors: they add market value to any home. While you have no plans to sell right now, the day may come when you do decide to move. At that time, you want to get the best possible price for the property.

Properly maintained hardwood floors attract a lot of positive attention from potential buyers. Instead of seeing carpeting that they want to rip out at the first opportunity, they see beautiful floors that are perfect for the Persian rugs they already own. Don’t be surprised if those floors allow you to receive offers sooner rather than later.

The bottom line is that it’s worth the time and effort to sand and refinish those older hardwood floors. Talk with a professional today and find out what it would take to have the work done. You may be surprised at how affordable the task happens to be.

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