The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a foundation Fantasy Cricket league  group arranged in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They play in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Set up in 2008, the gathering played its home matches at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The gathering was suspended for two-years from the earliest starting point July 2015 for the alleged commitment of their owners in the 2013 IPL betting case, and won the title in its bounce back season. The gathering is captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni and trained by Stephen Fleming.

Whereas The Rajasthan Royals are an establishment cricket crew situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which plays in the Indian Premier League. It was founded in 2008 as one of the underlying eight IPL establishments, the group is based at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. The Royals are known to uncover dark, high expected ability, just as for their association in various contentions and outrages.


With 24 matches together in which Chennai 15 and Rajasthan won 9 and certain defeats, there is a long history of Chennai super kings and rajasthan royals. While Chennai scored 246 as its highest score in all the 24 matches, Rajasthan scored 223. While Chennai scored 109 as its lowest score, rajasthan scored 126 as its lowest score. So guys, let me take you back to their history.

  1. 2008

It all started in 2008. Rajasthan royals and Chennai super kings had its first head to head match on 4 May, 2008. In this match, rajasthan royals won 8 wickets. The match was held in the pink city of india, Jaipur.

On 24-may-2008, RR and CSK had its second match in which again RR won by 10 runs and the match was held in Chennai. On 1-june-2008, they both had 3rd match of the season, again RR declares its victory over CSK by 3 wicket in Mumbai. Rajasthan royals showed its talents clearly in 2008.

  1. 2009

On 30-april-2009, CSK and RR had its head-to-head match and CSK played quite well and showed that they are no less than Rajasthan royals and won by 38 runs. This stupendous match was held in centurion and had fantasy cricket tips and tricks  experts more to ponder about.

Again, on 9 may-2009, both the rivals had its final match of IPL 2009 in which CSK again bagged its victory by 7 wickets. The match was held in Kimberley.

  1. 2010

Now comes IPL 2010, RR declared its comeback and defeated CSK by 23 runs in CSK’s state Chennai. But CSK was no less than RR, they declared their victory over RR on 3 april-2010 by 23 runs in Chennai taking their positions back.

  1. 2011

On 4 may 2011 and 9 may 2011, CSK won again in both the matches by 8 wickets and 63 runs respectively in Chennai and Jaipur.

  1. 2012

On 21 april and 10 may 2012, CSK won again by 7 wickets and 4 wickets in Chennai and Jaipur respectively.

  1. 2013

Again CSK won by 5 wickets on 22 april-2013 in chennai

Now there’s a twist, RR declares its comeback by winning both the remaining matches of the season held on 12 may and 4 oct 2013 by 5 wickets and 14 runs repectively

  1. 2014

Again CSK won by 7 runs and 5 wickets on 23 april and 13 may in dubai and ranchi respectively

  1. 2015

RR won in the first match by 8 wickets in ahemedabad on 19 april 2015 and CSK won by 12 runs on 10-5-2015.

  1. 2018

On 21 april, CSK won again by 64 runs whereas on 12 may, RR won by 4 wickets in Jaipur.

  1. 2019

CSK won in both the matches of the season by 8 runs and 4 wickets respectively.

  1. 2020

RR made its comeback and won both the matches of the season by defeating CSK by 16 runs and 7 wickets respectively.


There were many ups and down and one cannot decide who is going to win in which match. Both the teams are pretty awesome and showcases its talents well in all the matches. CSK and RR are one of the best teams of IPL. Both the teams make its comeback pretty stronger than before.

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