Here’s How to Choose the Best Pork Seasoning

Are you about to make that pork chop or barbecue but you’re not sure what seasoning you should use to create the right flavor and taste? You are not alone because many people have asked the same question. However, the answer depends on how you want your pork chop or barbeque to taste. Are you going for a spicy flavor, or do you want something mild? There are several seasonings for pork to help you achieve that.

Let’s discover some of the best spices for a delicious pork seasoning.

1. The OG

The “OG” stands for “Ode to Garlic” and to celebrate this Original throw back blend of Salt, Pepper, and Garlic. It’s pure simplicity imparts just the right amount of flavor to anything you apply it to.

No matter how you cook your barbeque in the crock pot, grill, smoker, or oven Flavor seed will help it.

2. Celery salt 

Take the salting a notch hires by using celery salt to season your pork chops or barbecue grill. It delivers a stronger flavor and taste than regular salt, and when you use it in the right amount, you can be sure that you’ll get a balanced amount of celery flavor and saltiness for your pork chops.

3. Use some Herbs

Using herbs to spice your pork chops or BBQ, is also a great choice, doesn`t matter if you cook barbeque in the crock pot, oven, smoker, or barbecue grill, you can choose between fresh and dried herbs. You can season your pork with herbs like sage, rosemary, basil, dill, or tarragon a while before cooking for a deep flavor, or sprinkle them just before the pork hits the fire.

You can also try Italian seasoning which comprises dried thyme, oregano, and basil for an elevated flavor.

4. Use spices from Flavor Seed

The seasoning mix from Flavor Seed is worth the try if you want an all-in-one seasoning to improve the taste of your pork chop.

The seasoning is certified USDA organic, comprising Organic Onion, Sea Salt, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Black pepper, Organic Garlic, Organic Ginger, Organic Mustard Seed Organic Paprika, Organic Ancho Chile, and Organic Cayenne.

The port seasoning mix has lasted generations and is famed for its ability to deliver what has been described as a sweet, salty, and slightly spicy hot flavor, which is very familiar to Southern North Carolina.

With just three ounces, you can season a 7-pound Boston Butt or several racks of ribs.

Flavor Seed – Smoke ’em If You Got ’em Organic Barbeque and Ribs Dry Rub is perfect for ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and pork tenderloin.

The seasoning contains sea Salt, Sea Salt, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Garlic, Organic Paprika, Organic Onion, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Mustard Seed, Organic Cayenne, Organic Ginger, and Organic Ancho Chile. These organic spices are blended to capture the traditional Southern North Carolina BBQ flavor that is known to be sweet, salty, and slightly spicy hot.  Three ounces is just enough for several racks of ribs or a 7-pound Boston Butt.

Which seasoning is best for which cooking method?

For oven-baked pork chops and BBQ, sprinkle them with fresh or dry herbs after seasoning them to create a balanced flavor. If you are frying your pork chops over the stove, using celery salt or pepper and salt will bring out great flavor.

What is

the right way to season pork chops?

The best way to use your pork seasoning is right before cooking. This is because, when you season the meat long before cooking, the taste of the seasoning will completely overpower the meat.

Seasoning it right before cooking ensures that the meat is still tender and full of flavor and the moisture is retained when the cooking time is up. Some people might use pork seasoning immediately after cooking, but it is often hard to control the amount of seasoning on each pork piece when you do it this way.

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