Healthy Aging: Benefits of Daily Exercises for Elders 

Exercise is an excellent habit to be included in one’s routine and its benefits increase with age. Exercising daily helps one strengthen their body and improve the quality of all the activities going on inside and outside their body. As time passes, one’s body loses its strength and agility and can only accomplish less than 50% of the tasks with the old efficiency.

As an aged person, the most one can do to maintain his / her health is to help his / her own body with regular physical activity. As age increases, immunity decreases and the human body becomes more prone to diseases. Regular exercise not only helps in holding in the immunity but also prevents the risks of diseases. In this article, we shall be discussing some benefits of daily exercise for adults.

1. Improves their Mental health

As soon as one retires from their job, they are loft with a lot of time at their disposal but not much to invest in. It often leads to loneliness and a person limiting themselves to their chair or bed. That is exactly when the diseases start approaching them.

Daily exercise leads to the increased production of endorphins that are the “feel-good hormones” that make one feel relieved and satisfied and act as stress busters leaving one with the feeling of contentment. Exercise is also known to improve the sleep cycle and is a good aid for people who suffer from insomnia or who have unstable sleep patterns.

All the mentioned factors help improve the quality of one’s mental health and that’s not even everything as the benefits of regular exercise are endless.

2. Reduces the risk of falling:

Aging leads to decreased amount of strength in the upper and lower body which eventually leads to a greater risk of falling or collapsing while doing various chores. A possible way to avoid that is by strengthening those parts of the body and that can be done by exercising.

Exercising strengthens the body and makes it more flexible and agile thus, reducing the risk of falling or collapsing. There are even several preferred exercises for this such as crunches and lower body stretching. Yoga is a popular activity pursued by those willing to look after their body and mind. The best part about yoga is that it benefits your mind, body, and soul, all at the same time.

3. Improved Energy:

Most elderly people start limiting themselves to their bed or their bedroom, due to the lack of opportunities. They start feeling lousy and start attracting diseases. They lose energy and often fall victim to diseases such as depression and mental illness.

Working out gives the required purpose to get out of their bed and pursue something. When they get out of their beds to work on their bodies, it is like a new ray of hope and like finding a new purpose for life. Also, when they meet new people in the process, it will not only reduce their depression (if there is) but also makes them more energetic. A workout routine especially made for elderly people should be able to make them regain their energy, gym equipment should also be added to the workout routine in order to enhance the experience.

4. Maintains heart rate:

Old age brings with it some patent problems like cardiac issues, atherosclerosis, etc. To combat them, one could pursue activities like walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, biking, tennis, treadmill running, basketball, climbing stairs/hills, raking, mowing, etc. This will help them maintain their blood pressure and heart rate. A pleasant morning walk on the green grass can also help control the blood pressure and even work miraculously.

5. Simpler exercises:

If you’re not interested in working out in parks or the garden and somehow find it hard to take out time to specifically focus on your bodies, try considering some regular activities that could conclude similarly. Whenever you go out or return, do not take the elevator, instead, take the stairs. Make sure you walk a significant distance from your home to your parking location. Cycling could be a great option to use for conveyance. Consider investing in a cheap bicycle engine kit to make the ride even more fun. Take your pet on a walk every evening. When you sit to watch the news, do not just sit on the couch, instead stretch your body for some time.


Old age invites a lot of diseases and our metabolism is also compromised. To save yourself from the brunt of old age, invest some of your time in activities like walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, biking, tennis, basketball, climbing stairs/hills, raking, mowing, etc. If you cannot take out enough time for these then try following some other ways. Use stairs instead of elevators, use cycles instead of vehicles, take your dog for walks, etc. Buying gym equipment could be a good investment.

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