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Having a good home is a good thing.

If you get a good house will make people happy. The characteristics of a good home are


The first thing to consider before building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน is The size of the house that meets your needs Thai people compare house size by number of bedrooms Decide how many bedrooms you need, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, then see if they have a bathroom. How many car parks The last is another room for use, such as a monk’s room. Do not forget that if there are many small rooms, the house will be large, the construction รับสร้างบ้าน cost will be high.

There may be other areas such as pet/planting areas for people who like plants.

The number of rooms and usable areas we define are related to the size of the land plot. The house is big and the land must be big as well.


The placement of the house must look at the sun and the wind mainly. In Thailand, the sun rises in the east and then passes south to the west. House facing south/west very hot during the day The house faces east/north. It is better because it is not very hot in the morning and almost no sun at the north side.

The bedroom that is used in the evening/night should not be on the south/west side because the walls of the room are exposed to the sun all day, will emit heat in the evening, making the room very hot. The room that can be placed in this direction should be the bathroom / kitchen / storage room / car park.

The prevailing winds in Thailand have two directions. Around May to October, monsoon winds blow from the south and southwest. During December to February, monsoon winds blow from the north and northeast. But the strongest winds are from the south, so the house should have large openings on the south and north to allow the wind to pass easily.

energy saving

A good home must be energy efficient and comfortable. Starting from the light bulb, it must be LED. Electrical appliances get the energy-saving label 5

Under the roof above the ceiling must be insulated with fiberglass at least 3 inches thick. The west wall of the house. There must not be many openings. Constructed with high insulating materials such as lightweight bricks with long eaves. Read more at “Energy Saving Home Design” http://www2.dede.go.th/bhrd/old/web_display/home/home_design.html

easy care

A good home is easy to maintain. Save maintenance costs, have few nooks, no leaks, do not seep, the house should not be so big that it cannot be taken care of. If the family is too small but the house is too big, there will be problems with maintenance. and the house may be lonely and lonely

Support system

enough electricity to use There are suitable number of power outlets/locations, there is a connection point for water heater/hot water/air conditioner. suitable number/position There is a condensing area or mistakenly called a compressor that is suitable/convenient to maintain. There is a rainwater drain around the land. There is a water tank / water pump location. There is a gas tank place near the kitchen, but outside the house for safety / easy to change the gas tank.


The elements of the house must be suitable for the use/physiology of the family member known as Ergonomics The level of ground floor folk is raised above the soil around the house by about 50 cm, but must be higher than the highest flood level.

The ceiling level of a medium-sized house should be at least 2.60 meters high, but the higher the better.

The stair tread should not be higher than 18 cm. If there is an elder in the house recommended at 15 cm. The sleeping child is not less than 25 cm wide, it is recommended at 28 cm to make it more comfortable to walk. The net width of the stairs is 90 to 120 centimeters. If large furniture, the stairs should be at least 150 centimeters wide.

The front door should be double doors. If it is a single door, the width must not be less than 120 centimeters. The other door should be 90 centimeters wide. The interior door is at least 80 centimeters wide. The bathroom door is not less than 70 centimeters wide.

The light switch must be 120 centimeters high. The power socket level should be at least 15 centimeters high from the floor. The ground floor must be at least 1 meter high to escape flooding. If it is with furniture, it is 15 centimeters above the level of the table cabinet.

The balcony should be 60 centimeters wide or more for practical use. If the balcony is longer than 3 meters, it should be 1 meter wide.

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