“Hair loss,” the cause of “baldness”

Hair loss problems need to be treated quickly. If you leave your hair to fall for a long time, you will have problems with thinning hair or baldness in the future soon!

Start taking care of your hair the right way according to the advice of a doctor at hair clinic Dubai to restore thick and black hair, reduce hair loss and prevent the occurrence of thin hair in the future.

Here are tips for treating hair loss, thinning hair prematurely

  • Please don’t use too many chemicals on your hair, whether perm, bleaching, bleaching, or even straightening. The use of harsh chemicals directly on the hair causes damage to the structure of the hair. Of course, the main problem that follows is dry hair, thin hair, and fragile hair structure, which is easily torn. Until it leads to hair loss in the end, so avoid it.
  • Do not use heat on the hair. Using heat on the hair is prohibited and should be avoided as much as possible. But there is no denying that heat is applied to the hair too often. Busy, it will be a hair straightener for beautiful straight hair. Curl your hair into beautiful curls that last—drying your hair with heat to dry completely after washing your hair, including walking in the sun for a long time until your hair is exposed to UV rays from sunlight. This includes cleaning your hair with warm or too hot water. All of the above are the reasons for my dryness.
  • Head massage stimulates blood circulation. Massaging the head reduces stress and better stimulates the blood flow in that area. To make the blood supply to the hair on the scalp thoroughly. It makes hair strong and not easy to fall off.
  • Nourish your hair with natural products such as olive oil hair treatment or coconut oil. It can help restore dry, damaged hair and split ends to come alive. Not as fluffy as a bird’s nest and tangled in a mess.
  • Good food is Useful and nourishes and restores hair with vitamins such as the vitamin group Biotin (Biotin), known to most people as vitamin H or B7; and do not forget to supplement iron and vitamin A as well.
  • The last and most important tip is to take good care of your body and always observe yourself, both physically and mentally. Because it is undeniable that stress also affects hair loss symptoms and a deteriorating body with health disorders or hormonal changes, you must keep an eye on your health and your hair during this period; there has been a fall, more than usual or not. If there is any discomfort, it can be treated promptly.

Read until this line; you may have ideas on how to take care of the hair. They love to stay with us longer. Not some premature fall, right? However, if you follow all the tips they have presented, the symptoms of hair loss and thinning hair still do not improve. They recommend meeting Dr. Ziakas, who specializes in hair. Because the factors that cause premature thinning hair loss are not just the ones mentioned above. There are still problems from genetics, diseases they do not anticipate, and the environment. Therefore, they recommend that you go to a hair specialist to find out the exact cause rather than guessing the problem yourself and if friends have anyone who has gone bald until the method of slowing hair loss can no longer be used. You can come to consult about permanent hair transplantation or ask for the price of a permanent hair transplant.

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