Guidelines for making points and the ‘proof’ page of the IMT application form

2023 application scoring matrix

The guidelines in this section refer to 2022 recruitment. Significant changes to the scoring matrix were agreed for 2023 to take effect and these are available in the Document Library so that potential writers can adjust accordingly.

This section of the form is where all the points for your application are located, based on the information you provide based on your performance and capabilities. 

You will be required to select the best option from a list of references to each of the main factors described in this section. All successes have to do with the field of medicine, unless otherwise stated.

Selection, scores available and additional site guidance are described on a separate tab in this section.

Election are the job of candidates only

The choice of choice should be based on your imagination. We have tried to clarify the terms of the election below, but in no case can we dictate which options to elect.


The experience and findings do not always fit perfectly under one choice or another so you will need to use your judgmental skills to determine which options are best suited to your knowledge so join Courses for junior doctors here. If necessary, you should be able to provide evidence of all the success you claim and justify the decision you have made.

You will be required to add colors to each option to show why you chose that option.

  • Automated scores

Requests are automatically issued, and at a summary level, scores are based entirely on the individual self-assessment using selected options from each of the tomatoes described in the tabs above.

  • Over-claiming

Admittedly, in some cases, it will not always be clear exactly which option to choose and thus issues that are considered to be over-the-top cannot be considered serious offenses.

While competitors are encouraged to use the scoring system to accurately represent their findings, you should be able to justify your decision and provide evidence if necessary. 

Any incidents of voters who are found to be in the open or continue to try to get a negative chance by over-soliciting marks and / or exaggerating their actions lead to a rigorous survey and applicants on this site should expect to be called to check their scores. 

This may result in the request being regarded as unreasonable, or, in the most extreme cases, it may be considered unfair to GMC; however, this is a rare occurrence and only in cases of severe fraud.

In the event that you see after submitting your completed form to your form, you should send the information to the Doctor Specialty Recruitment Office immediately.

  • It’s just over

When you submit your IMT application scoring, all information contained in it must be accurate at the time of submission – any qualifications, pre-qualifications, pre-delivery, etc. Should not be considered at this time. The success achieved even the day after the closing of the application cannot be calculated.

Except for the articles which are fully accepted and are in the ‘newspaper’.

However, while you may not be able to choose an option-pick based on your incomplete findings, you are welcome to comment in the comments box of that section so that your interviewers will know about your activities.

Activities compromised due to COVID-19

Although often the success should have been completed before it can be said, there have been some developments in this year’s research that have been initiated but are not likely to be completed due to COVID-19 release. Each location guide explains where they are available and what you need to be able to get points.

  • Many were successful in one place

If you have more than one achievement in an area that only allows you to choose the option of another, you should choose an option that suits your higher scores. While the supporting documentation should focus on what has been done, you are welcome to use the site to report some of your achievements in this area.

  • Successful in many areas

If you have a success that can be achieved under more than one domain, for example winning a prize post or making a presentation based on a print, it is permissible to take down all the options.

  • Color to justify the selected option

There will be one or more boxes for each item you will need to add messages to show why you chose that option. Each section will have as many words to read, however, we recommend that you keep your notes as short as possible to justify the decision.

Interviewees have less time to review the application forms and the shorter you may be about your success, the more clear it is for them to evaluate your application.

  • Evidence of success

It is likely that you will not want to provide solid evidence on what you say. Therefore, you should get documents that reflect everything you say as you may be asked to provide evidence as part of a special examination or if an emergency plan is required, when everyone will need to record all documents. The testimonials section of the website contains more information about this site.

It is not possible to specify which evidence will be accepted to prove your point, although examples given in each of the types of evidence may be provided. The important thing is that it is enough for the examiner to be confident that you have spoken correctly.

Evidence should also be in a form that analysts can understand and quickly see success. Giving too much scripture is frustrating, and accepting it requires perfection.

Approved, approved translations should be provided to any non-English text.

  • The appointed time

There is no set number of years in which you must have completed a written qualification, however, any qualifications are required to be obtained after starting your medical degree (or undergraduate degree), ie graduating from school or university before being called.

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