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Guide to the Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Each one of us has our own preference when it comes to our sleeping position. While some of us swear by sleeping on our backs, others are strong proponents of the side-sleeping position. But it can be agreed that, at some point or the other, we’ve all experienced being a stomach sleeper. While stomach sleeping is extremely relaxing, it can also be dangerous if it’s continued on an unsuitable mattress. Each sleeping position warrants a certain kind of mattress that enables comfort and offers protection. Sleeping positions can have a strong impact on your body when they’re sustained for a long time. Hence, it’s important to choose your mattress carefully based on certain factors, apart from the mattress price. Here’s a guide for stomach sleepers who want to get themselves a mattress.

Why do stomach sleepers need a special mattress?

It is common to assume that all types of mattresses are the same, and that every mattress will suit everyone. This is a wrong notion. Your sleeping position impacts your mattress choice in more ways than one. This is because sleeping positions are recurring; once you start sleeping a certain way, it is unlikely that you’ll suddenly change that pattern. When this is repeated over time, consistently, it has a certain impact on your body. Stomach sleeping, although very comfortable, is not without its drawbacks. Sleeping on your stomach induces greater strain on your back, neck and spine, leading to more stress affecting other parts of your body. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop this sleeping pattern altogether. There are mattresses specifically designed for this purpose. They have unique pressure points to relieve stress, and they’re firm yet soft to provide both safety and comfort. Additionally, they also have cooling effects that can control your body heat. If you’re a strict stomach sleeper, these are the things you should check your mattress for before you make the purchase.

What should you look for?

  • Protect your spine: Stomach sleepers do not exert much pressure on their spinal cord. When the spine is not made to rest on a flat surface, it can assume the shape and form of the letter ‘S’. This can become dangerous if it continues over time. When you pick your mattress, ensure that it is firm enough to avoid spinal alignment dislocation.
  • Correct contouring: It is important for the mattress to support stomach sleepers well because of the increased pressure on the stomach. A medium-firm mattress is required to contour your body shape properly. In the absence of the correct kind of contouring, you might experience pain in your neck and shoulders over a period of time. A peps mattress is a good example of a mattress with the right contouring.
  • Take care of your pressure points: Stomach sleepers tend to exert a lot of pressure on their vital organs unknowingly. Hips, abdomen, shoulders and neck are the body parts that are prone to pain and damage in this sleeping position. A memory foam mattress is the ideal solution for this, as it moulds itself according to your body’s pressure points. Ensure that your mattress has a soft yet firm hold over these areas, so that it can support your body organs well.
  • Mattress material: Even amongst stomach sleepers, there are preferences that exist. If you’re someone that likes to cool your body while you sleep, then the innerspring mattress enables better airflow and provides the required cooling effect. On the other hand, if you’d prefer your mattress to envelop your body curve, then a foam mattress would be ideal for you. While choosing a stomach-sleeper mattress, take care of these elements as well. When you factor in your mattress price, don’t forget to check for mattress material as well.
  • Cooling properties: When you sleep with your stomach pressed to the mattress, you generate a lot of body heat. This heat, when trapped between the body and mattress can harm your organs over a period of time. It is advised that stomach sleepers go for mattresses that are made of natural coil, with little or no chemicals. The coil generates a cooling effect that is imparted to your organs, and the lack of chemicals makes it a safer choice in the long run. A peps mattress, for instance, is chemical-free and made of bio-cotton and eco-latex which provides a greater cooling effect to its user.
  • Bodyweight: It is important to consider the sleeper’s body weight before making a mattress purchase. As stomach sleepers tend to exert more pressure on the mattress than others, it is recommended that people on the slightly heavier end do not go in for a soft-build mattress. A medium to medium-firm mattress should be suitable for the average Indian build.

A good mattress can do wonders for a good night’s sleep. Good sleep can do wonders for your well-being. Before you venture into purchasing, check if your mattress ticks off the aforementioned boxes. Look for the correct contouring, suitable material, accurate pressure relieving points and good support mechanisms to your body structure. You can now shop for your favourite mattress at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store on easy EMIs, and also avail of the 24-hour delivery service.

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