Guide to sewer connections

An important first step is to connect the future structure to the main drainage system for sewage disposal. The servicing of the land includes this operation in its entirety. 

The wastewater from homes or buildings can also be recovered thanks to this collective system. Then, they receive treatment at a sewage treatment facility.

The procedures for a sewer connection

The issue of timing

It is crucial to ask the town hall about the connection to the main drainage system after the construction project is complete. And this has to be finished before any servicing work is done. 

There is a regulatory structure that applies to this link and that framework must be respected. 

The Public Health Code’s article L.1331-1 specifies the connection duty. L.2224-10 of the General Code of Local Authorities states the same thing. Three facts lead to it. Specifically, the network of public restrooms.

However, the construction is also accessible via access roads or rights of way. And lastly, the construction’s designation as a public restroom. 

Therefore, it must be installed in any development (houses or buildings) that can link directly to the public sewerage network. 

According to the trenchless sewer repair service provider, this responsibility also applies to homes situated in communal areas. Within two years of the drainage network’s commissioning, the link to mains drainage must be accomplished. 

The prefect may decide to prolong this time frame for up to ten years.

Town Hall-issued documentation

The link is authorized by the town hall. This is supplemented by the Unified Technical Paper, another document (DTU). 

The latter directs the application to the Public Service for Collective Sanitation and provides technical information about the procedure to be followed (SPAC). A SPAC agent visits the construction site to conduct a land study. Additionally, it will establish the required tasks and the associated costs.

There are two elements to the relationship. These are the public component and the private part, both paid for by the landowner. The latter is concerned with how the private portion is connected to the public sewage system.

Regarding a link to a public domain

Because the intervention on this domain needs the issuance of authorizations, including the authorization to occupy the public domain; and/or road permit, an individual cannot make the connection on the public part. The DTU contains works that are in the public domain and needs to be contributed by a qualifying company. 

In some areas, this business may be included on a list that has been approved by the town hall. It can also be designated by the person. But in this instance, he must work with the appropriate authorities to take all the necessary action.

A private sewer replacement system, such as an all-water pit (formerly known as a septic tank) or a micro-station, must be erected if the construction site is too far away to be directly connected to the public sewerage network. 

Additionally, it is required to account for the possibility that the municipality may ultimately decide to extend the public sewerage network so that it may reach the construction site. In this scenario, joining the public network will be required, but the owner will have two years to complete the installation. 

Emptying the pit prior to connecting is necessary to prevent disruption of the downstream treatment plant’s operations.

Investment and upkeep expenses

After the connection, a sanitation charge must be paid to the municipality to cover the costs of building and maintaining the public network. Because some municipalities do not impose it, its amount varies greatly and is determined by the municipality.

According to the local council’s resolution, if the connection is not established within the allotted period, the municipality may then perform the necessary work at the owner’s expense and demand payment of the sanitation fee, to which is added a penalty of up to 100% of the fee.

The various forms of connections for sewers

Wastewater and rainwater need to be removed from a building. Networks fall into two main kinds. There is a combination network, which collects the two types of water into a single pipe. 

The separative network, on the other hand, collects the water into two distinct pipes independently. 

It might be necessary for the owners to make a double connection if the municipality where the construction is located has adopted the separative network for public sanitation in response to the 2006 water law.

The various loads

The expense of connecting to the main drainage system is often split between the owner and the municipality. The expense of all the work done on the private half to transport all the waste water to the public section is the owner’s responsibility. 

If he previously profited from a private sanitation network, he is also liable for decommissioning his old septic tank.

For its part, the municipality typically bears the expense of any work done on the public portion in two situations: when the building is already there or when it is built at the owner’s request after the public network has been put into service.

Mains drainage connection: an estimate of costs

In general, sewer hookup work is billed by the linear meter. The price per meter varies from $200 to $400. Therefore, in order to minimize costs, it is advised to get in touch with a specialist in the area for the creation of the collection network. 

Additionally, there is a connection tax that is set by the municipality and ranges from $500 to $1,000. Each year, the town council determines this tax.

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