Guide to Know About the Pharmaceutical Warehousing

The qualities of a pharmaceutical product are purity, correct identification, safety, and efficacy. Customers and clients are legally (and morally) entitled to expect high-quality pharmaceutical items. The production of high-quality goods relies heavily on warehouses. The pharmaceutical warehousing is in charge of taking delivery of all commodities, including packaging, labelling, and releasing goods.

What is a pharmaceutical warehouse?

The pharmaceutical warehouse is where pharmacists assemble the manufactured medications. It is a pharmacy. Medicines are either stored from other company’s products or developed by the corporation in this department. When products are required, pharmaceutical warehousing provides them to the pharmacy. In addition, these organizations that supply medical facilities with medications continue to advance in this area. Pharmaceutical warehouses get filled with goods, including tablets, syrups, vaccinations, medical gadgets, over-the-counter (OTC), diagnostic, and diet items.

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Services Offered

In addition to exporting domestic goods overseas, these businesses also supply domestic institutions with supplemental medications. In this regard, pharmacists, who play a significant role in testing recently developed medicines, have taken several actions. On occasion, pharmacists may advertise medications in medical facilities.

The Pharmaceutical Warehouse’s benefits

Pharmaceutical warehouses have a lot of benefits. Its widespread availability is one of these benefits. Pharmaceuticals can go to an institution more rapidly thanks to the distribution of pharmaceutical warehouses to numerous places. For instance, owing to these organizations, when medicine gets required in a pharmacy, it quickly reaches its intended patient. The pharmaceutical warehouse exports goods and services, contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Pharmaceutical Storage Temperature Zones

Each temperature zone has a different gate, handling area, and storage area to maintain the cold chain. On the majority of Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare sites, we primarily offer three different temperature zones for the storage of your products: non-temperature controlled (room temperature), 15–25 °C (Cool storage), and 2–8 °C (cold storage). In addition, on request, we also offer freezer storage space at currently -18°C, –48°C, and –196°C on selected sites (fridge storage). In addition to being connected to our temperature monitoring alarm systems, freezers typically have backup energy sources in case of a power loss.

How to Choose a Warehousing Partner

There are qualities to look for when choosing a logistics company to manage a pharmaceutical warehousing operation. Besides the CGMPs mentioned above, a potential logistics partner should be able to show the following:

  • The building should be well-kept, with enough room for storage and access for maintenance and inspection. The climate, lighting, and ventilation should all be suitable for storing medications. Drugs that have run their course or are otherwise no longer usable should also get placed in quarantine.
  • Unauthorized entry and theft must get prevented via the facility’s security procedures and systems inside and out.
  • All medications should be kept at “controlled room temperature” unless otherwise specified (according to the FDA).
  • Product location must be visible through the provider’s inventory and WMS systems.
  • The logistics partner must be able to offer written records of all policies, practices, inventories, and distribution.

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