Goofy of all Dogs – Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers- forever famous and favorite dog breeds of all. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, and cute. They usually weigh between 55-75 pounds, they have an average life expectancy of 10-13 years. The tolerant and friendly attitude makes these dogs the best family pets. Golden Retrievers are highly capable working dogs because of their intelligence. Golden Retrievers are ranked on the third number in America amongst all dog breeds. They are cousins to Labradors.

There’s so much more to read about golden retriever, let’s have a look. The golden retriever was originally bred in the mid-19th century in Scotland. They were bred for upland and waterfowl retrievals, they are natural athletes and enjoy playing fetching games. These dogs love to retrieve, chase around the garden and woods. They are sweet, easy-going, and gentle; they also prefer to hang out with the family. Primarily, it is a hunting and hard-working dog.

Things you might not have read about Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retrievers are also popularly known as “American’s sweetheart, their playful and sweet trait has nudged everyone to name this.

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Generally, golden retrievers are very gentle and caring. They are the perfect family dog because they love to cuddle and sit in their lap. They are best for children and other dogs as well because of their lovable nature. Also known as the cool-headed dogs. They act nicely with their owners and enjoy retrieving the newspaper and cuddling kids. They are the best service dogs because of their soft and stable temperament. They can get along with other smaller pets with training. Such a cool temperament makes them one of the most loved dog breeds in the world. They have high tolerance as they can tolerate injuries and pain while other dogs mostly can’t tolerate it.

 Anybody looking forward to buying a golden retriever should know that their training is necessary. They are easy to train. If you are a lethargic person before buying this dog, make sure that your lethargic nature would turn out to be the most active one because these dogs are very active and enthusiastic about their exercise. Exercise is one of the most important parts of the golden retriever’s day. They love to play outside, they can also be taken on hiking, climbing, or long runs. Their food should be managed accordingly; they should be given food twice a day.

Read Fun Facts about Golden Retrievers:

  • Tucker Budzyn is currently the popular and well-known golden retriever on social media with more than 3 million followers.
  • Golden Retrievers are amazing family dogs.
  • They have quite a long life span, they will enjoy around you for a good time.
  • They love to swim and enjoy playing games in the water. Moreover, their natural athlete attitude makes them good for Frisbee’s water games or catching a tennis ball.
  • They make great service dogs; they must be trained for important tasks accordingly, and the results will be phenomenal.
  • Their sense of smell can let them look for all kinds of objects. Perhaps, this is the main reason they are known to be smuggling or narcotics detection dogs.
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