Thursday, January 20, 2022

Good Crypto vs Coinigy: the age of latest advanced crypto trading app

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Nowadays, everything is moving and digitizing and therefore the crypto world isn't an exception. The all-in-one crypto trading app was finally released. You can read about Apex Trader on EarthWeb to have a better understanding. Good Crypto – best cryptocurrency trading terminal that keeps pace with the time and much surpasses its predecessors

If you're an experienced trader you actually remember those times when Coinigy was just released and was thriving on the open spaces of the cryptocurrency. But where did Coinigy's success go?

Let’s ponder by having a quick Coingy review!

Coinigy wants to be the other of the foremost popular crypto trading apps, which gained its popularity in 2015 already. It has been the primary convenient app to use, and it still gives an opportunity to trace your portfolios on 43 exchanges, covers 5000 coins, has TradingView charting functionality, and advanced orders over some exchanges. Maybe this was something outstanding for 2015, but nowadays this is often faraway from ideal.

No trading on IOS, unreasonably expensive subscriptions, no price, no exchange listing, and no market alerts, no futures and no automated trading, and therefore the list isn't ending here. The worst part is that the Telegram community is nearly not active and there are several awful bugs like balance not updating after you canceled the orders. the knowledge about the performance of your assets is unavailable also .

No worries though, the years have passed and an alternative appeared. The crypto trading app that has no such failures as Coinigy and offers everything and even more - an honest Crypto App.

The main difference between Good Crypto and its competitors is that the app is evolving daily, it's trying to offer the simplest trading experience to its clients and doesn't hold you to attend for a miracle - it improves and grows today and now.

The app, unlike its competitors, already launched all of the most recent and most needed features.

Smart/auto alerts

The abrupt value changes, top 25 coins versus BTC value changes, top DeFi coins value changes, market synopsis 1-24 times each day, and Portfolio changes - and this isn't even the full rundown of the cautions you will get from Good Crypto, yet will not get through other crypto exchanging applications.

* Advanced portfolio tracking

You can follow your portfolio's presentation consistently and get the refreshed data in regards to its exhibition.

* Advanced and automate order types

Good Crypto allows you to trade smartly. With the assistance of Trailing Stop Market and Trailing Stop Limit orders, you'll keep calm and luxuriate in trading!

What is more, you even get the likelihood to automate order types and connect Stop Loss and Take Profit to your orders.

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