Golf Grips Come in Several Forms.

One of the most underappreciated items in a golfer’s bag is his or her grip. Grip changes are seldom considered by golfers, despite the fact that the ball, driver, putter, and shoes are all subject to scrutiny.

A golf club’s grip can make or break a swing, so making sure you have the appropriate grip and keeping it clean and playable is essential.

Grip Styles

Golf Gloves Made of Rubber

Rubber is the most used material for golf grips. Rubber is a versatile material that is simple to work with, easy to form, and has a hard but sticky feel to it. On addition to silicon, elastomer, and plastic, you may also come across other materials in the market.

Golf Grips with Cords

When a cable is included in the grip’s construction, it is referred to as a corded grip. The inclusion of this material enhances your grip in both rain and hot, humid conditions.

Corded grips have a downside in that some players find them harsh or unpleasant, while uncorded grips are more comfortable for everyone.

Wrap your golf club grips with duct tape.

Originally, leather grips employed strips of leather wrapped around the shaft. Wrap grips hearken back to this original form. Modern materials are being used to generate a sticky surface texture.

Low-Weight Golf Club Handles

With the advancement of metal wood technology, the grips on these clubs naturally became lighter as well as the clubs became less in weight. Because of this, certain grips for metal woods may be lighter than grips for irons.

The Putter’s Handles

There are a number of ways in which the grips on a putter differ from those on irons and woods. Due to the fact that golfers do not grip or swing as hard with their putter, they do not need the same amount of traction or texture.

Second, only putter grips are authorised to have a flat edge per regulation. This is usually attached to the grip’s front to provide as a visual cue for where your thumbs should rest on the handle.

To help you enhance your game on the greens, several grips are available in a variety of sizes. Most golfers want to enhance their putting by eliminating the use of their hands and wrists during the stroke. Having a larger grip means that you won’t be able to acquire the feel of a thinner grip, which may not be ideal if you’re an experienced putter or use a lot of wrist motion in your stroke.

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