GoGoPDF: Effectively And Efficiently Add Watermark To Your Portable Document Format

Online documents are used in almost everyday activities today in our online world. Hence, keeping yourself knowledgeable in handling online documents nowadays is a must. To get you started learning online documents, one of the most used online document formats is Portable Document Format or most commonly known as PDF.

In this article, we will provide you with an online tool that can help you utilize the advantages you can get in a PDF and solve the problems and issues you might encounter in the future. Here is a reliable online tool and how to use it.

How To Add Watermark To Your PDF

When handling online documents, you are exposed to different types of problems and issues. One good example of a situation that you might encounter is dealing with individuals who are taking advantage of your original work. They are taking credit for the work that you put effort into. Hence, keeping your documents with a watermark is essential.

Another reason for adding a watermark to your original work is to build a brand on your own. This is usually done if you’re doing a business, photography, etc. It will allow a particular image that will stick on every individual’s mind that had a chance to glimpse your work. Which makes adding a watermark to your work a must nowadays.

If you do not know how to use the function, add watermark to PDF. Here is a detailed instruction on how to add watermarks into your PDF files.

  1. The first step in adding a watermark into your PDF files is transferring the PDF file data that you intend to put a watermark on. This will allow GoGoPDF to recognize and start scanning the uploaded PDF file. Which will be a requirement for the next step.
  2. The second step is adding a watermark into your PDF files. This step will give you two options on what specific things you want to add to your PDF file. You can take two actions either type in the text you want for the watermark of your document, and you can grab an image from your device or computer and use it as your watermark. If you are satisfied with your recent activities, click on “Add Watermark.”
  3. The third step in adding a watermark to your PDF file is to wait for the marking process to be completed. The marking process usually takes you a minute or two.
  4. The last step in adding a watermark to your PDF file is downloading your newly watermarked PDF file into your device storage. You can choose whether you like to save your freshly marked PDF file into your computer, device, laptop, tab, or online storage.

Personalize Watermark

From what you have read in the second step on adding watermark into your PDF file, you can add your personalized work of watermark and put it into your PDF file using GoGoPDF as your online tool. Putting a customized piece of the watermark into your PDF file is an excellent way of building your very own brand and giving the viewers a hint of your personality or your goal in making your content.

Privacy Policy

When you work with GoGoPDF to watermark your PDF file, you can be assured that your PDF file will be safe from any danger or publicly displayed anywhere. GoGoPDF has its security features to allow every user to feel a secure environment when using their services. However, it is still essential to take extra precautions for your online documents.

Fast Conversion Process

When using GoGoPDF as your online tool, you will be able to convert your PDF files to your desired destination. The conversion process will be completed as quickly as possible because all you need to follow is four easy and comprehensive instructions for your PDF file that will take about a minute or two during the process. Hence, the convenience of GoGoPDF as a time-wise decision.

Available In All Browsers

You can pair GoGoPDF with any browsers you are using right now. Hence, having GoGoPDF to be an advantage to having an available platform in every browser you prefer. Another benefit of using GoGoPDF is that you do not need to adjust the things you are accustomed to using.


Adding watermarks into your original work may seem to be a little addition to your PDF file. However, the impact of having a watermark will secure your PDF file from unwanted reproduction or get the contents of your PDF file stolen.

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