Go Vegan: 7 Reasons To Believe It Is A Good Choice

Veganism is one of the main food trends. Many people during quarantine are also looking at this type of lifestyle. Unlike vegetarians, vegans refuse meat and fish, and any animal products: milk, eggs, honey, and gelatin. In addition, they do not wear leather or fur clothing and do not use animal-tested cosmetics.

Reasons Why You Should Go Vegan

1. Normalize Your Weight

A vegan diet can help you shed those extra pounds. If you fill your daily diet with fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, grains, and herbs, you can significantly reduce the number of calories and saturated fat you eat. According to a study by scientists from the University of South Carolina, adherents of a plant-based diet lose significantly more weight. 

Furthermore, according to them, vegans and vegetarians are fitter and more energetic. Meat is one of the most difficult foods to digest, requiring a lot of energy to digest. After giving up animal protein, you will soon notice that you are less tired and will do more work.

2. Develops A Sense Of Care

Avoiding animal products altogether is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. Livestock farming is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases. It accounts for more emissions than all transport – land, sea and air. For example, the production of 1 kg of beef produces about 27 kg of carbon dioxide. 

For comparison, in the case of lentils, this figure is 0.9 kg. According to scientists from Oxford University, if the world’s population switched to plant foods, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 70%. In addition, the production of grain feed for raising animals leads to deforestation of the planet. It also leads to the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of species.

3. Helps To Give Up Addictions

When a person switches from meat-eating habits to veganism, he/she has to give up alcohol. It is because the effect of alcohol is more severe on vegans than meat-eaters. As vegies get digested quickly, alcohol tolerance becomes less.

Therefore, you have no choice other than to give up the addiction. People believe that if they can give up meat, they can also give up alcohol. However, getting rid of alcohol is not so easy. Sometimes, you even have to get help from a rehab center.

There are many financial coverage options for such treatments. If you want to become a pure vegan, don’t worry about rehab expenses. You can pay for rehab without insurance and sober up. There are many institutes working for the recovery of addicts.

4. Makes You Healthy

According to scientists from the University of Oxford, a massive transition to a vegan diet will help to avoid about 8.1 million premature deaths a year. This is due to the high cholesterol and saturated fat content of animal products. These scientists concluded that replacing chicken eggs with vegetable protein reduces the likelihood of death by 19%.

According to the authors of other research, the vegetable diet prevents diabetes and cardiovascular disease development. Moreover, it also relieves the symptoms of arthritis and normalizes blood pressure. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables improve the emotional state and help fight depression.

5. Improves The Condition Of Skin And Hair

You don’t have to spend money on expensive beauty treatments to improve skin condition, get rid of acne, and wrinkles. Just start eating more fruits and vegetables. They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. And they are also an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. The latter protects cells from destruction and restores their structure. 

And dietary fiber normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins. Thanks to this, a vegan diet allows you to feel toned and improve the condition of your skin and hair. Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables – switching to a plant-based diet will help fix that.

6. You Will Smell Better

Australian psychologists from Macquarie University did an interesting study. They studied the relationship between diet and body odor. Forty-five men aged 18-30 participated as volunteers. For two days, they wore white T-shirts, kept food diaries, and went to the gym, but could not use deodorant and soap. 

After the experiment, the clothes were sent to the laboratory, where nine women evaluated the smell of each T-shirt. It turned out that the participants who ate plant foods smelled better for the opposite sex. According to the women, the smell of their sweat was more floral, fruity, and sweeter. They called the smell of the sweat of the meat-eaters sharp and unpleasant.

7. Help To Discover New Tastes

The transition to a plant-based diet is an opportunity. It helps to not only improve the diet but also to open up a new world of taste sensations. It’s easier than ever to be a vegan today. There are many recipes for delicious and satisfying whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables on the internet. 

And if you don’t want to cook it yourself, vegan food is available in almost any supermarket or cafe. As the demand for such products is constantly growing, manufacturers are trying to produce more and more plant-based alternatives. For example, vegetable hamburgers, ice cream, milk, yogurts, cream, and even mayonnaise are becoming more and more popular. 


Veganism is not suitable for people with chronic diseases, young children, diabetics, lactating, and pregnant women. With such a diet, the level of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins, and important amino acids in the body can decrease. Therefore, before giving up meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, you should consult your doctor.

Summing Up

Being a vegan has become a new trend. It is not only healthy but also helps to cut down on your monthly food costs. But before starting this eating regime, consult a doctor.

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