Gift Boxes Ideas For Women In 2021

Gifts make people feel special and they show that you care for them.  Perhaps that is why giving something to someone is an age-old tradition that has persisted through the years.

Gift boxes are becoming more and more popular and they are the best way to express your feelings about someone. Usually, gift boxes are packed with themed items that complement their personality.

Gift boxes are very special and even in some surveys, it is proven that they can strengthen relationships.

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone can be difficult, which is where gift boxes come in handy. By combining different items you can bring joy to someone.

Back in the days, you had to make your own gift box, but nowadays there is a thing called subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are niche products packed in a gift box by another company.

Let’s find out some of the gift boxes you should check out.

Apparel Gift Boxes

Women love clothing, which is why you cannot go wrong by choosing fashionable apparel gift boxes. Rather than going to your local store, you can choose a subscription box that will arrive at your or someone else’s doorstep every month.

Some of the best apparel subscription boxes are:


Fabletics is a casual fitness apparel company that will send you a monthly box of high-quality clothing at 40-50% off retail prices. The best thing about Fabletics is that they always follow the latest trends and they release new designs on weekly basis. The price for a monthly subscription is $49.95.


This is a more general fashionable subscription box that will send you clothing and accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, or handbags. Curateur is a subscription box company that offers products valued up to $400 on quarterly basis, but you’ll only pay $99.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

If you want to make a gift box for a chocolate lover, make sure to check out these subscription boxes for inspiration.

Candy Club

For those of us who have difficulty choosing between chocolate or candy because we want them all, this is the perfect candy subscription box. Each box contains six 6-ounce cups of sweet treats that are very delicious. Prices start at $30 per month and it is definitely worth it.

Jackie’S Chocolate Club

Want a premium chocolate box arriving at your doorstep every month, well this company will take care of that. Each box contains 15 different creamy truffles that can spice up your guilty pleasure and even some sugar-free treats for someone who is on a diet.

The chocolate is high quality and the packaging looks very luxurious making it perfect for a gift. The price is only $28 per month.

For more chocolate-infused ideas, you should check out Five Boxes detailed review:

Beauty Gift Boxes

If none of the ideas above will make a good gift box, you cannot go wrong with making a beauty gift box. Makeup, skincare, and haircare are one of the most commonly used products by women and we selected some of the best beauty subscription boxes to go for.


This is a subscription box that will deliver premium products from big brands in the beauty industry. Each subscription box contains up to 5 full-sized beauty products that are valued at $100. So, if your loved one is obsessed with makeup and wants only premium brands, BoxyCharm is the subscription box to go for. The price for this box is only $25 per month.

Margot Elena Discovery Box

This is the brand behind Lollia and TokyoMilk that specialize in luxury wares. This subscription box is on a mission to discover the world and its beautiful and healthy ingredients. Each subscription box comes with expertly curated full-sized products worth more than $200. Each subscription box can contain beauty products, skin care products made from natural ingredients, and sometimes wearables or luxurious fragrances.

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