Over three quarters of the employed people in Kenya work in industries, workshop or in environments that require safety boots for effective working. Safety boots protects workers against feet injury at their work place.

The wide variety and specific modifications of these boots available in the market has made it possible for workers to get what works for them best; not forgetting at pocket friendly prices.

A safety boot is a protective gear worn on the feet to protect one from getting feet injuries. This is one of the vital requirements for people working in workshop and industrial set up. They have a protective reinforcement which protects the feet from injuries from falling objects.

It also provides protection to people exposed to an environment with characteristics such as slippery surfaces, carelessly placed sharp piercing objects, hot objects, electrically charged grounds, chemicals or bad weather. Safety boots price in Kenya vary in prices depending on the quality.


Types of Safety Shoes

These shoes are designed to cater for specific purpose. There are three types, available in the market:

  1. i) Steel toed, which is the most comfortable since it provides the worker with comfort as they are wearable for long hours. Their protective cap is made of steel that protects one from getting injuries from falling objects or compression.
  2. ii) Composite toed, these are not made of any metal, making them poor conductors of electricity and are preferred by people working in electrically charged areas.
  • iii) Aluminum toed, which are designed with a lighter weight but thicker than the steel toed shoes.
  1. iv) Metatarsal guard, which is the most advanced version and offers protection for both the toes and the upper foot. It works best for the glass mounters and welders.

Factors Influencing Choice of Safety Boots

While picking a boot of choice; various influences come into play. It’s prudent to consider the work environment the boot will be in use. Different work environment poses different hazards i.e. oil spillage and falling objects for garages and workshops, and heat and chemical spillage for factories.

These varying work environment hazards call for different types of safety boots. Consequently, the nature of the hazard influences the type of material to consider that best protects against it effectively.

Other factors would be the durability and price of the boots. Generally, a quality boot would be one that protect against spillages, electric shocks, puncturing and is cut resistant.


Most occupations in Kenya require these boots as a mandatory requirement due to the hazardous environments they operate in. These work environments include;

  1. Handling of heavy objects with a risk of falling. The steel toed boots work best for workers in this environment.
  2. Operating live or dead electric cables or handling hazardous materials such as toxic chemicals.
  • Handling pipes, stones, tree trunks and wheeled locomotives with the risk of rolling over on the feet.


Acquiring a comfortable, durable and quality boot is a rare and expensive affair. For these shoes to serve its owner for long, one requires to take good care of them because they are prone to damages due to the exposure to harmful environment element such as chemicals and dust.

Regular cleaning of these boots prevents them from being damaged and they last longer.

Cleaning routine

So as to achieve a successful care routine one has to be thorough with their cleaning. It’s advisable to remove the laces, remove dirt and debris from the wrinkles and the stitching. Dry them afterwards to avoid damaging your boots.

Leather boots however are designed as water resistant and they work best in cold damp or wet areas, nonetheless, this does not exempt them from being dried up after cleaning. It’s also advisable to condition your leather boots for softer and protected long life.

Increasing Boots Lifespan

Avoid spilling of harmful solutions such as nail polish which contain acetone and causes the stripping off of color from your leather safety boots. Alcohol has the same effect as well.

Although leather safety boots are known for their water-resistantability, it’s suggested that exposure to water for long hours should be avoided. Long exposure to heat is known to cause of cracking the boots which may cause punctures in the long run hence should be highly discouraged.

Using wrong maintenance products for your shoes can also be damaging. It’s highly recommended to inquire from the manufacturers’ manual and guide. Safety boots price in Kenya is quite high and therefore there is need for maintaining them.


Quality boots provides the worker with an easytime which yields an efficient working experience. Prices for different kind of boots depends on the purpose, the type, durability and the resistance it offers to its hazards.

An affordable range of prices is offered to cater for all markets. When one gets to understand the specifics of the safety boots they need, they will appreciate the prices. Safety boots price in Kenya also depends on the location and shop being purchased from.

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