Georgian town Sighnaghi and car rental in Tbilisi

Sighnaghi is a very interesting place to visit if you are going to trip to Georgia. It is a beautiful town in the eastern part of the country, Kakheti region. This town can bring you romantic feelings while you are walking on the streets of Sighnaghi, it is often called – “the town of love” because of the atmosphere here. To get to the place you can use local public transport, but as you will absolutely like this place as I can predict, it would be better to rent a car in Tbilisi and freely explore the town any time you like.

Car rent in Tbilisi

I can suggest a good local car rental company to hire a vehicle. GSS Car Rental can offer different types of vehicle but it would be better to take a SUV for your travel. The prices are affordable and the service is high quality. You won’t need to worry about your rented vehicle as GSS has an on road support and will take care of any problems if they occur unexpectedly. All you need is to visit GSS Car Rental website – gsscarrental and make a booking using an online application or contact them by phone, e-mail or online messengers.

You can also get the additional options for your booking and make a vehicle delivered to the airport of Georgian cities not only in Tbilisi but also Batumi or Kutaisi if you are planning your trip from that locations.

Exploring Sighnaghi

Now when you got your own vehicle you can head to Sighnaghi. The most interesting in this town is a big fortress, which wall is going through the whole town, so you won’t miss it when you get to the place. The town is not very old; it was founded in the 18th century. Architecture here is a mixture of Georgian and maybe Italian motives. Some people say that Sighnaghi looks like a traditional European village, but with the fortress. Surely the first place to visit here is the fortress by itself, and after that you can just walk around the town as it has many other interesting spots for the tourists like ancient churches and etc.

To make an exploration plan you can head to the special platform in the town, where the whole settlement is visible from above. You can also enjoy a beautiful Alazani Valley view from here. The town is actively maintained as it is one of the most visiting places by tourists and you will be able to taste Georgian cuisine and wine here if you would like to. I recommend doing so in a good restaurant as the food here is very delicious.

I was really satisfied with my trip to Sighnaghi when it was over, so can definitely suggest you to visit this place, there are a lot of interesting things to see here and you should do it yourself as I can’t tell you about everything in this short article. The car I have rented in Tbilisi performed pretty well so I can also recommend hiring a vehicle at GSS Car Rental, check their location on Google Maps.

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