Garden Beds That Last a Lifetime

Corrugated metal beds last between three and six decades. Before some degree of degradation starts, a reasonable timeline is likely closer to 20 years. To make the most of these planters, structural system supports are necessary. They guard against unforeseen soil shifting and damage from earthquakes, violent winds, and other natural disasters.

Remember that you can buy or create a pre-built galvanized metal raised bed from scratch. If you create a bed independently, we advise including internal structural supports. Drill the blocks into each corner of a rectangle made by connecting four corrugated metal sheets. To save time, you can buy cheap raised garden beds for sale from us. The sale is ongoing and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

You can lay the bedding over bare ground and then cover it with topsoil and compost. The beds are 11″ x 17″ in height. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, food-safe and available in various colors and shapes, making it simple to relocate around the yard.

How To Extend The Life of Corrugated Metal Beds?

The steps below will help corrugated metal beds endure longer:

Maintain a Constant PH Balance In The Soil.

According to research, acidic soil can erode the corrugated metal. On exposure, the metal won’t last very long in exceptionally low-pH soils and plants. If the soil pH becomes too high, add balanced soil and water to keep it at a healthy level.

Keep The Ground Moister Than Usual.

Metal mattresses with corrugation retain heat. It absorbs a portion of the heat from the reflecting metal and sends it to the ground. In contrast to a wooden garden bed, your yard can dry out a little bit more quickly.

Use Beams of Support Outside The Bed And Wooden Support Inside The Bed. 

Before spreading the soil, install corner blocks in each of the four corners. These wooden blocks stop the metal from giving way as the weighty dirt presses against it. Corner blocks can add extra support to the outer top portion.

If You Can, Stay Away From Plastic Liners. 

Plastic liners rust the metal bed while keeping weeds from growing through it. Your metal bed will disintegrate within a few years if rust develops due to inadequate filtration through the plastic layer. Instead, think about using landscape cloth or aerating the soil first.

Every Couple of Weeks, Clean The Bed. 

To get rid of rust stains, filth, and grime, spray the exterior of a corrugated metal bed and let it dry. If you stop them before they get out of hand, these problems won’t cause the metal to decay. Cleaning the bed also prevents mosquitoes and spiders from entering the raised garden.

Garden beds can withstand the local weather’s heat, wetness, and wind. However, by using the advice mentioned above, you can extend the lifespan of your galvanized metal planter boxes raised beds by several years. These recommendations will not only stop corrosion and rust but also prevent the bed from collapsing.

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