Gap Year: Frequently Asked Questions

The saying ‘Jack of all trades’ is aptly used in today’s age. It is more practical and helps every individual enhance skills. And it is the gap year you should utilise more if you have chosen a career. It can turn out to be an advantage for every individual who wants to study abroad or those who completed high school or college.

Take a break from academic years. Practical exposure is advantageous any day if you are heading into a particular career. Some options you have to explore are taking up a volunteer job, working for some time, taking up a teaching job, or engaging in an internship program. At the same time, you can join a language school. Each of these options can add value to the resume.

But remember, you should refrain from adding more years to a gap year. The immigration authority will not appreciate if there are huge gaps between academic years. It could result in Australian student visa rejection if you apply for it. Expert guidance from overseas education consultants is the only answer to recharge your batteries and to get going.

To add a step further, it is a gap year explained with the help of Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some FAQs covering a gap year

  • Whether or not it benefits you?

Make the most of the gap year the moment you select a particular stream. The stream can shape your future. It is an experience of a lifetime for all those individuals who want to build a career. Realise career dreams with the help of new skills. Besides, it helps to maximise the potential of an individual.

  • Briefly describe the purpose of a gap year?

Spending dedicated time on academics is the need of the hour. Some people term it as an experiment where there is scope to learn and explore. It makes you self-reliant to grow personally and professionally. And the experts say, ‘rather than taking up a traditional job; you need to take up a job that improves personal development.’

  • Do you regret taking a gap year?

Different individuals have different opinions based on their life experiences. Invest your time and resources to build skills. There is no need to get dissatisfied while making any decision. The benefits you tend to receive at the end of the gap year are improving wellness, building stronger relationships, and learning new skills.

  • If at all taking a gap year affects study at university?

Practical experience is the need of the hour to self-analyse. Make it a practice to learn new skills where you benefit to a large extent. It helps hone your skills and build a strong profile. You can be at the receiving end if you apply for a student visa. The immigration authority will not entertain you if the gap year exceeds a couple of years. If you have taken a one-year break, you have to cite the reasons for what you did in the one year before enrolling in the university program.

  • What are the benefits of a gap year?

Along with academic details, you can add experience letters. Letters provided include whether or not you underwent practical training and developed skills in a particular field. Your profile stands out at the time of appearing for an interview. In reality, a gap year proves helpful to all those who want to gain practical experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Add details to your resume. You get an opportunity to learn tricks of the trade with experts belonging to your chosen career.

  • Whether or not taking IELTS or PTE test affects Gap Year?

The immigration authority appreciates that you invested time to prepare and take IELTS/PTE test. Despite a gap year, it will consider your application with the time put to productive use. If you prepare for the test through the IELTS online coaching or taking a retest, you gain. Showing proof signifies that you are a genuine student. You will be applying to a premier educational institution in the country. The same applies if you are enrolling in PTE online coaching for PTE Academic Test.

It is IELTS widely accepted by universities across Canada. Besides, Australian universities allow both IELTS and PTE Tests. The more band in IELTS and more points in PTE enhance your chances for scholarships.

  • How do you make use of gap year?

Manage time and resources if you want to make effective use of gap year efficiently. People do several things at a time. The details you can work include—

  • Visit different places—either internationally or domestically
  • Learn the new language that adds value to your resume
  • Volunteering in some vital work
  • Pursue passion work like writing, photography
  • Engage in adventurous activities such as surfing, snowboarding, backpacking, or hiking
  • Importance of gap year during Covid-19

The majority of individuals were affected due to the pandemic. It is the pandemic that changed the lives of many individuals.

It was virtual learning that helped you to explore several options. Self-learning through virtual interaction changed the entire picture. It made you more accountable alongside learning new things.

Bring transition in your lives by which you develop skills. Stay tuned to Aussizz Group for the best assistance on a gap year and its benefits.

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