Fun Home Learning Tips For Kids

As there is a saying that “Mother is the first teacher and Home is the first school,” every child from birth will be learning something or the other from the people with whom it is with. Children are the best observers as they are very innocent and give feedback by their actions.

To lead a happy, successful life, one needs to provide the kids with a better environment with fun and knowledge. As we all know, kids cannot sit in one place for a longer time. They always need some exciting activities to do. It is a big challenge for the parents and teachers to keep the kids motivated to learn. Both parents and teachers must equally contribute to making learning and education more fun and engaging with memorable activities.

Why do kids need fun while learning?

It is evident for everybody, irrespective of age, that when something exciting is seen, they are eager to learn and try it. Practical experience is more effective than reading or listening, studies have revealed.

Let us see some of the activities that kids love doing at home-

Academic skills

You can use this home learning trick to teach Math

Kids are always enthusiastic about being with their parents while cooking, so involve them while measuring the flour, rice, water, vegetables etc., during meal preparation. The kids learn to recognize, measure, compare and estimate the shape and quantities of the groceries and vegetables. Check out Learning & Educational Toys for kids that they will enjoy playing with as they learn.

They feel fun arranging the Plates and Glasses for the meals for the family members. They learn counting. Involve them while cleaning to understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.


As a parent, you must read out small stories for your kids daily before bed-time to inspire them reading skills to boost vocabulary and reading habits. Try pointing to specific letters, words, and sounds to encourage recognition of particulars. Reading can be playful when kids are given a task to find a specific word from a random page. Try to repeat the book reading to make kids understand/absorb the language. Gradually one can go for High-Quality Books to stretch a child’s vocabulary and language knowledge.

Creating a restaurant-like environment in the home comforts the kids familiar with dish names, ingredients, etc., and table manners. Check out Table & Chair Sets for kids to learn & exercise eating by themselves.

Writing the notes

Children love to draw, write things when colored materials like paper, crayons, markers and so on are provided. Ask them to fill in with self-directed writing ideas. This initiative makes the kids inculcate the habit of sitting inthe dedicated “writing center” surrounded by open-minded materials that invite experimentation and exploration. Check out this fun Writing & Drawing Board for Kids.

It is an uncanny habit for the kids whenever they go for a vacation to places like beach, marriage, they collect shells, rocks, pebbles, beads, colored small mirrors etc., show the kids to use these to play, make some greeting cards, college board of the trip etc. These activities help them recollect the events, recreate the museum environment, and spark a way to create history and art.

Communication skills

While sitting on the couch,you can encourage your kid to visit different places through imagination. Just discuss with them about different places and let them share their ideas of the scene of that place. It makes their creative participation bloom. Give a task to perform a drama kind of thing on their choice of topic, after their performance compliments them for their creation of characters and narration.

Involve them in making a list of household items for shopping, let them pick while shopping, and check the items after the billing. This makes them improve their communication skills.

Motor skills

Indulge with the kids while gardening, water the plants, pick flowers, etc. The more you are with mother Earth, the more you learn about nature. Whenever you are free, go for a walk in the forest, farms—listening to the chirping of the birds, recognizing different birds, playing in the water, fresh air helps boost emotional feelings.

Pandemic has affected the kids badly. Their social-emotional skills have been hit hard. Have regular check-ins by talking to your kids daily about their daily experiences and feelings for different situations. These discussions encourage them to overcome fear and loneliness.

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Being a mom, what can you do?

As a mom, you can use some learning techniques involving reading out lessons with intermittent breaks in between and asking kids to perform some activity related to the lesson being taught. As the games do not require any prep time or expenses, kids always look forward to playing games and activities, learning the lessons.

Be open-minded to allow the kids to modify and recreate the assignments as per their creativity and time and let them perform in group or solo. This makes them develop co-operation, critical thinking and also patience.

There is a need to arrange field trips away from regular etalk English school to visit nature, museums. Historical Places help the kids remember things. They learn things in a more fun-filled way with more self-confidence.

These fun-filled activities make the children learn things without any stress.

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