Fun Decoration Ideas for a Perfect “Christmas in July” Celebration

A Hot Christmas

July Christmas celebrations are a fun sort of “niche” thing that everybody should get involved with at least once. The real way such celebrations are sold is through the décor. Check out this link on making your own DIY Christmas wreath, and don’t forget fun summer flowers to truly combine the summer and Christmas aesthetic.

Here we’ll look at a few more ideas for fun Christmas celebration ideas this July. At a minimum, the hope is these ideas will spur you on to create your own knock-down drag-out mid-July Christmas bash.

  1. Decor Doesn’t Stop With Ornamentation
    So wreaths, garland, Christmas ornaments, and little figurines of The Nativity certainly have their place. However, there’s more to decorate than just the premises. You want to have costumes that reflect the seasonal hybridization as well. That means a Christmas-themed bathing suit, or Christmas-themed swim shorts. Maybe a Christmas/Hawaiian shirt is in order.
  2. Deliberately Incorporate Beach Themes
    Of course, central to any July celebration is the surf and the sea. Even if you’re nowhere near a legitimate beach, you want to have pictures, paintings, and décor that bring that “flavor” into your Christmas-themed celebration. Some “Fourth of July” accouterments are also in order, but many celebrations of this type take place after Independence Day.

So hang some seashells on the tree, put some Hawaiian music on in the background, have flowery leis all about the premises. Mix poinsettias with summertime flowers. If you don’t have music playing, maybe record some surf noise and put it on loop; YouTube has all sorts of free videos like this.

The whole idea of “Christmas in July” is a combination of favorites. In America, these “book ends”, if you will, represent times that tend to be the most joyous. Mid July is “peak” summer; when people are water-skiing, hiking, and the like. December is “peak” winter, even though cold months are generally a few months out.

  1. Design the Party to Be an Outdoor Event
    Christmas is a time for indoor fun, unless you’re in San Diego or some sub-tropical locale. July is the time to do things outdoors. So for your “Christmas in July” celebration, be sure the party you design can be conducted outside if at all possible. This will both free and restrict décor, as you can do more outside, but some decorations aren’t for outside use.

Fun and Festivity in the Sun

July and December are two of the most festive months of the year in America. Combining their festivities through a “Christmas in July” celebration only makes sense. How you decorate and conduct the event will go a long way toward determining how well it is received.

To that end, it’s a good idea to calibrate décor for outside use. Beach themes are exceptionally worthwhile in this scenario, and decoration extends to the sort of things you wear as well. Keep these things in mind and your Christmas in July celebration will be primed to succeed.

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