Four Ways To Style Your Favorite Costume Pieces

There are many reasons why you should style your favorite costume pieces. Today, costume pieces are more important than ever. With social media being a huge factor in our daily lives today, it only seems fitting that you’re able to create a visual representation of your favorite TV character or movie character, and there’s a huge cosplay scene online right now!

However, costumes can take time and money, and it’s hard to make sure your look is unique. This article will go through some of the reasons why an individual might want to style their own costume pieces, and also list some ways to do so.

1. Make Your Own Cape

Capes are a huge thing right now. They can be found on the streets, as well as at conventions. With movies and games favoring a medieval style of clothing right now, capes are certainly in style.

Capes used to be hard to come by, but with the advances in sewing patterns being so common these days, it’s possible for you to make your own cape.

It’s a great way to be unique within this community while getting out of the ‘make your own armor’ rut. Something that stands out from other costume pieces is definitely something worth looking into.

Top Tip: Always consider your shoulders; there’s nothing worse than a poorly fitting cape that is shaped like a triangle!

2.  Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask certainly is an eye-catching statement, especially in a society where masks are more prominent in popular culture than ever before. We have superhero movies, popular TV shows with costumes and masks, video games and lots of people cosplaying online are wearing masks!

It’s an interesting look that you can use to be unique at conventions and it’s certainly a fun experience being able to show off your creativity.

Top Tip: if you choose leather for your mask, you could use angelus leather paint to help you create a bold design.

3.  Use A Realistic-looking Wig

Have you seen some of the amazing cosplays out there? Many artists are able to create custom wigs that look like they’re straight out of a game or popular film! However, this takes a lot of time and patience.

If you purchase a pre-styled wig, you can have a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that will make your truly costume unique. If you’ve ever tried to style your own hair to fit in with a costume, it’s not fun and can be very frustrating. Save yourself time and just find an awesome wig instead.

Top Tip: A lace front wig could suit almost any character as long as you know what color you’d like it to be.

4.  Don’t Forget the Shoes

Another one of the most important parts of any costume is footwear. Every character has a particular style of shoes and if you don’t have them, you’re missing out on a huge part of your costume’s overall look and feel. From boots to sandals, to heels and even fuzzy slippers, it all comes down to personal preference.

Top Tip: If you choose heels or sandals, consider using some cosplay insoles so that your feet don’t ache after wearing them all day. Also, make sure that the color is right; there’s nothing worse than buying cosplay shoes in a color that doesn’t match your cosplay perfectly.

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